Is Growth Hacking Suitable for the Event?

growth hacking Recently a very popular technique. Not a day goes by without receiving an invitation to a growth hacking webinar or receiving an incentive to register for a training course to become a growth hacker! Growth hacking is also a state of mind, we often hear. But what exactly is growth hacking and What is the connection with the incident? , In this article we will give a precise definition of growth hacking and see to what extent we can use this method to organize one event and another area at the same time…

What is Growth Hacking?

Growth hacking appeared in the early 2010s. The time marketing manager at Drop Box was Sean Ellis, who was behind it.

Growth hacking literally translates to “ growth hacking ,

Actually, the sole purpose of growth hacking is to: rapid growth of a business or brand Whether it sells products or services. And from the most regular to the “borderline”, all means are good at generating this growth! However, more than malicious hacking, growth hackers find loopholes that can generate rapid growth.

However, a constant is to use as few resources as possible. We understand it here: creativity And thisagility At the center of growth hacking.

growth hacker techniques

Growth hacking is a state of mind

more than a profession with its knowledge and practices, Growth hacking and a way of thinking and acting,

This is why growth hacking is no longer defined as a “state of mind”!

Some classic marketing practices may be obsolete or inappropriate. In fact, it is impossible for a young company positioned in a very competitive market to start with a very heavy SEA budget.

The hacker then goes “on the hunt” to find the meaning of “accessible”. Gain visibility and business,

Therefore a hacker is simultaneously an experimenter, an observer, an analyst and a tester!

Growth hacking is based on the use of data and setting up scenarios. Only development generating measures will be put in place to achieve the desired development objectives.

Growth hacker controls thus Web, Marketing, Digital and IT Technology, He is an SEO, Social Media, Copywriting and Emailing Pro. He masters data analysis, design, AB testing and knows how to perform psychology.

The customer at the heart of growth hacking

Growth hacking and its techniques are based on the AARRR matrix introduced by Dave McClure.

This matrix defines 5 steps to follow generate growth, These steps kind of restart the conversion funnel.

what are these 5 steps ,

  • takeover : generate traffic to your website;
  • activation : generate leads;
  • retention : To hold your customers captive;
  • referral : Turning your customers into real brand ambassadors;
  • Revenue : Generate additional business.

for each step, the customer is at the heart of the system, Hence it is necessary to observe and analyze their behavior step by step. To be successful in accelerating growth at each stage, customer experiences must be great enough to drive customers to take the next step.

Hacking content, an essential lever for growth

Content Marketing and Growth Hacking

The material interferes with each step of the AARRR matrix.

It is therefore essential to produce effective, relevant, innovative and engaging content that is capable of:

  • Yield transportation on its website;
  • have strong power viral ,
  • parent relationship and d’action Internet users…

To achieve this effectiveness, content must be designed from the perspective of the audience. and answer them Expectations, need And problematic,

Can Events Use Growth Hacking Techniques?

Events are a service like any other.

Just as a business must sell its products to exist, an event must be present and profitable. The number of successes of an event depends onRegistered and especially participants, the purpose of the event is Build, assemble and animate a community,

Thus, the AARRR matrix is ​​a very useful tool for events.

This allows to have a global view of each stage of the life cycle of this community and thus to engage this audience and design a profitable event to maximize the conversion funnel.

This matrix is ​​used as much for virtual events as it is for hybrid or physical events.

AARRR matrix for an event:

  • takeover , attract new participants on your dedicated website so they can discover your event and promote it on your social networks;
  • activation : Promote conversion by encouraging Internet users Register with efficient forms ,
  • retention :change registrant participants ,
  • referral : encourage participants to be the prescriber And to recommend your program;
  • Income : Convert your event participants into customers of your brand,
Incident and Growth Hacking
  • For making event website dedicated offering a genuine user experience And a interface design ,
  • to suggest visually appealing content, with strong stimulating and viral potency and with incitement to action Attractive CTA ,
  • design simple registration formshort, pre-filled and interactive;
  • implement the functions of retargeting ,
  • promote your event Social Networks With professional pages, events pages and groups;
  • Animate your community with emailing throughout the lifecycle of your event;
  • Use notes some participants;
  • Collaborate with influential people;
  • For making competition very viral;
  • decide sponsorship system,

Find out all of our tips for setting up a growth hacking strategy to give your event visibility and increase the number of participants.

That’s why growth hacking is a relevant and efficient resource.

Through its techniques, tools, actions and reflections, it makes it possible to achieve efficiency by carrying out experiments – and while limiting resources.

You will be able to ensure the success of your event and the exponential growth of your brand or your company.,

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