Introducing the new version of Google Analytics (GA4)

Google Analytics Renew Yourself! The announcement was made on October 14 from his dedicated blog. The Mountain View firm has released its new version GA4, Which will replace Universal Analytics in the medium term, GA4 is on track to become the market standard in web analysis…

As soon as it first appeared, the device was considered smarter than its predecessor and has already presented itself as a real revolution in adapting to the new privacy rules. What exactly does this announcement mean and how exactly will this new tool be a success? All details in this article.

New Version Google Analytics GA4

Are there plans for new features?

Kranti rhymes with innovative and relevant features. This latest version deserves our full attention. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the main features that can be found there:

Google Analytics at the peak of intelligence for your ROI

With machine learning, Google finally empowers you to inform us about a vast number of trends from our data. This will make it possible to identify the actions performed by Internet users in the near future.

in a more concrete way, Google will automatically collect multiple events And likely to be able to accomplish tracking through anticipated KPIs like churn. In addition to reporting, these recent indicators can Can be used with Google Analytics Audiences Which is maintained by integration with Google Ads ads. These audiences were created based on the likelihood that site users would make a purchase or sale within 7 days.

in short, thanks Google Analytics GA4 You will have an overview of all the marketing efforts made. As a guide, the new YouTube integration shows the conversions done through YouTube views in the app and on the Internet.

Learn a little more about how customers intervene in business

Thanks to the new version, you will be able to see How visitors interact with your site more accurately, Google will notify you, for example, if a visitor visited your site by chance or discovered it through an ad (How to increase visits to your site with Google Analytics), if they installed the app to make a purchase Is. Knowing the needs of consumers is essential to supporting them in the “acquisition” and “loyalty” phase. GA4 Collects all key data going beyond the framework proposed by Google Analytics, all this through a redesign of events obtained through new individual elements. Google then focuses on user data compared to session data with maximum usable data. In addition, the tool includes parameters related to securing “user” privacy.

The firm has also followed this logic in reorganizing its reporting to easily and quickly find marketing insights based on the customer journey. Thus, the interface favors the reproducibility of individual reports which is based on new events. Can also be enabled in the interface: monitoring of outgoing clicks, video playback, page scroll percentage (scroll).

Google Analytics that expires cookies

With all these changes, Mountain Firm is preparing consumers for a promising future, especially in terms of privacy. In fact, you can check how your collected data is stored, collected and used Google Analytics. More detailed tracking for ad personalization will help you choose the right time to use your data to maximize your ads.

In addition, Google claims that this new version has been designed to be future friendly, specifically in the absence of third-party cookies. The tool may be based on data sent by the Google Consent Mode set-up and may provide advanced details to compensate for missing data. This recent model responds to a variety of issues with new functionalities, whether we are talking about advertiser needs or changes in privacy.

Changes from previous version

For this it is important to understand the difference between GA4 and UA property.

Name Universal Analytics Properties google analytics properties 4
Measure session-based data model Flexible event-driven data model
self drive limited automation Machine Learning to Improve and Simplify Insight Discovery
reports Limited cross-platform and cross-device reporting Comprehensive cross-platform and cross-device reporting
Comparison Table Google Universal Analytics / Google Analytics 4

you must have understood it, GA4 is now Default interface for all new Google Analytics properties Mobile application, website, connected device or to evaluate all 3 options at the same time. However, you can create a Google Universal Analytics property at any time.To do this, you only need to access the advanced options when setting the new property.

Google Analytics to End on GA4

This new version takes the theme of the integration of information visible in the upcoming beta application + web version from GA4F (GA for Firebase), from which it has removed its name from Firebase without the F. Its purpose is to store and collect data from platforms like APP, IoT Web etc. Just like with a normal data model. The goal is to facilitate, streamline and make the analysis and processing of analytics data more flexible. These measures taken by Google Analytics 4 are based exclusively on occurrences of the GA4F data model. They block the measurement of Events, Page Views, Socials, Transactions… by Universal Analytics. To take advantage of the power of this new version, you’ll need to redesign your tagging scheme, with or without your DataLayer. Universal vs. These new features make this type of property attractive. But the product is still in the development phase, even though it has passed the “beta” phase. New features are expected for the coming weeks. However, it is strongly recommended to design your property parallel to the UA in order to keep history.

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