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On October 14, 2020, Google announced the release of new version of Google Analytics, GA4, which has since been rolled out. Then, on March 16, 2022, Google logically announced that Google Universal Analytics (GA3) would stop collecting data from July 1, 2023. Google Analytics 4 (GA4) thus promises to be the new standard for data analysis. Then it’s time to install GA4! To make sure your installation of Google Analytics 4 runs as smoothly as possible, we’ve listed 5 points to pay attention to…

1 – Google Analytics Signal 4

Google signals offer the possibility to obtain more information than using traditional integrations.

This data is associated with the Google Accounts of users who have accepted this association.

The information collected may include location, search history, YouTube history, and data from Google partner sites.

By enabling this feature, you will then be able to get additional cross-device analytics and audiences.

Be sure to enable this feature when installing Google Analytics 4.

To make this change, go to your Google Analytics 4 account:

Administration > Properties > Data Settings > Data Collection

2 – Engagement with Search Console and Google Ads

Linking your Google Ads and/or Search Console account to Google Analytics 4 allows the different tools to share data with each other.

This is how you centralize your data and are able to cross-reference them for in-depth analysis.

To do this, while installing Google Analytics 4, go to your Google Analytics account and then:

Admin > Assets > Product Associations, you can

Then click on the “Link” button and log in to your accounts to see them in the selection.

nothing is easy!

3 – “Search on site”: Be sure to configure this automatic event GA4

To ensure that your search engine is receiving the correct data, you should make sure that Auto Events is enabled by default in Advanced Metrics when you install Google Analytics 4.

The variable used by your search engine appears in the URL when you search. Look at the url of your results page, the url variable is usually preceded by the word you searched for.

The default variables included in Google Analytics 4 are q, s, search, query, and keyword.

If your search engine uses any other variable than these, you will need to add it manually. Otherwise Google Analytics will not recognize the 4 variables and will not collect the search events.

To add search variables, log in to your Google Analytics 4 account, go to:

Administration > Properties > Data Feed > Feed parameters (toothed wheel) and add parameters after others, making sure to separate them with commas.

To activate advanced measurement, go to your Google Analytics 4 account, and then:

Admin > Properties > Data Feeds and check Opt-in on the right.

This feature allows Google Analytics 4 to collect automated events on your website such as page scrolls, exit clicks, internal searches, and more.

These events allow you (and Google) to better understand the behavior of Internet users on your site and thus identify which segment of your audience is truly interested in your value proposition.

This behavioral data may be useful for you to analyze or be used for ad targeting.

So, make sure to enable this feature while installing Google Analytics 4.

5 – Exclude internal traffic

It is very important to make sure that you exclude internal traffic from your website when you run the installation of Google Analytics 4.

Internal traffic is generated by members of your company and its partners when they browse the site to find information, update content or conduct tests.

These visits to your site are recorded by Google Analytics 4 just like any other. This may distort your data.

Fortunately, it is possible to exclude internal traffic on Google Analytics 4.

To do this, we recommend 2 resources:

You now have all the keys to set up your Google Analytics 4 account.

up to you !

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