Instagram revamps posts with new “edit grid” option

Instagram is starting to test a new option to change the order of content in the photo grid on profiles. Name: “Modify Grid”…

Reorder messages in any order

Alessandro Paluzzi – known for swarming social media about upcoming updates and features currently being tested – shared that Instagram’s current developer plans “could provide the ability to edit the profile grid, allowing You can rearrange the messages in any order. »

By selecting the “Edit Grid” function, it will automatically open the settings for changing the display layout of uploaded photos or videos. This new Instagram feature will certainly not only help users organize their feeds, but can also help engage brands, business accounts, and influencers.

In a way, this new option is similar to the pinned posts feature of Twitter and TikTok, but it goes a step further. This allows a profile to be completely rearranged and completely non-chronological. Like Pinterest or TikTok, you can Leave the most important Insta posts in the first row and sort them by relevance.

As shown by Paluzzi, this functionality will be available in the “Profile Info” section. When you select “Edit Grid,” Instagram shows the feed with the words “drag and drop to rearrange.” Plus, just choose where you want to insert each photo or video for a clear view of your profile feed.

In the second screenshot, Paluzzi actually shows that users canDrag and drop the upload to rearrange and change the profile grid layout. The user can then tap the “Done” button at the top right corner of the page, and then tap the grid to save the layout after editing.

The upload layout on Instagram currently cannot be changed as the system is sequential based on the upload date, where the latest will always be on top. Since this feature is still in the early stages of development, there may be a beta testing program before rolling it out to all users.

Three Instagram Feed Options to Choose from

Along with the grid profile editing feature, Instagram is also known to restore the timeline feed. Adam Mosseri explains in a video that there will be three feed options available to users on Instagram.

There should be three different options:

  • On the “Home” page, all posts are always sorted by relevance using the Instagram algorithm.
  • The “Favorites” parallel feed displays saved accounts that can be browsed in chronological order.
  • Through the third ‘Following’ feed, users can view posts from the accounts they are currently following in chronological order.

Be honest: Who doesn’t want to improve their Instagram timeline, or secretly delete posts just because they don’t fit the profile “nicely”? This new feature can be very useful for everyone if it sees daylight.

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