Instagram Reel Launches 4 New Updates You Can’t Miss!

And let’s move on to the new features on TikTok’s competitor Instagram reels! Creators continue to introduce new ways to connect with audiences. One of the most important tasks? The reel can now last up to 90 seconds…

In 2020, Instagram introduced the reels to compete with TikTok just as it introduced Stories to compete with Snapchat in 2016. Currently, video is the fastest growing feature globally on Instagram, with over 675.3 million users. Reel in particular, this short video format, attracts 22% engagement According to NBA teams took advantage of this feature when it launched in 2020. Additionally, the platform later reported an impressive 280% increase in user engagement on Instagram since using Reel.

In an attempt to compete and overtake TikTok, Instagram announced the release of four new features.

Again, the update focuses on creators creating effective content on Instagram reels.

In this tweet from Instagram head Adam Mosseri, the platform will launch soon:

  • 90 second reel,
  • glued letters,
  • interactive stickers
  • original audio.

reels up to 90 seconds

While marketers suggest the same ideal length for reels as TikTok videos – 7-15 seconds – it’s a good idea to use longer, more immersive content from time to time. And well, extending the span of the reels provides more flexibility.

While TikTok now allows videos up to 10 minutes long, Instagram Reels is still targeting short stories. That said, users can now create up to 90 seconds of content.

According to statistics, 91% of users watch Instagram videos every week, and the share of reel viewers is probably higher as the latter gets more engagement.

stick letters

In a testing phase of a few months, Instagram has officially launched its new option for pinning posts to your profile. This new “Pin to Your Profile” option is available through the three-dot function menu at the top right of any post.

As Instagram explains:

“You can now pin up to three posts (photo or reel) to remain at the top of your profile grid, giving creators more flexibility to express themselves on their profiles. Starting today, this feature will be available globally for all users. ,

Pinned posts tend to have more engagement as they are the most visible content on the account. So they are better used for promotions, reminders and invitations.

interactive stickers

The interactive stickers that people already know from Stories are now also available on the reels. It provides “more opportunities to engage with your community”. For now, this feature offers three options:

  • emoji slider : This sticker makes the heart-eye emoji even more impressive;
  • Survey : This allows you to ask your audience what should be in your next video;
  • quiz: Specifically, it allows you to test the skills of your audience.

Stickers are also a useful tool for increasing reel engagement, such as on Instagram Stories. Posting about five stories per day yields an impressive 70% retention rate, with stickers playing a huge role in capturing viewers’ attention.

original audio

Additionally, Instagram reels include a range of sound effects from car horns to crickets to drums and more. There’s also a new audio import feature to add commentary or background sound to any video on your camera roll that’s less than 5 seconds long.

Like TikTok, audio content is equally important on Instagram. In fact, sponsored ads on the platform that include audio have a click-through rate of 12% to 16%.

As you can see, TikTok has a strong influence on Instagram and all social media in general. The short video that the platform offers offers several undeniable advantages, including its accessible, fast and non-binding aspect, which logically has a significant impact on the attention span of the users. More and more users are getting addicted to fast, simple and entertaining videos, prompting creators to make more use of this content.

And you, already in your marketing strategy use Instagram reels in marketing or videos in general? What do you think about these changes?

Source: Instagram

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