Instagram may become a serious competitor to TikTok and YouTube!

Facebook is testing changes to Instagram that will make it more like the TikTok social video app…

Recommended video in full screen

Instagram manager Adam Mosseri has announced plans to post recommended videos fullscreen in user feeds.

In the next few months, one of the most downloaded apps plans to experiment how to make video more widely adopted, that is, first with fullscreen, immersive, entertaining and mobile video.

Like TikTok, Instagram will show recommended videos from accounts that people don’t follow.

“We are no longer a photo sharing app or a Square photo sharing app” (Mosseri)

It represents a radical change for Instagram, which until now has primarily been an app where users can view square-shaped images of their friends and the accounts they follow. Changes in the presentation of content will allow Instagram to become a serious competitor to TikTok and YouTube.

“People are turning to Instagram for entertainment. There is fierce competition and there is more to do,” Mosseri said. “We have to accept that, and that means a change.”

Indeed, out of the five best game-related applications, TikTok is also the most downloaded mobile application in May 2021. It is also the only application that is not related to Facebook, whose family of applications includes Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger. Additionally, during that time TikTok was installed 80 million times compared to 53 million for Facebook’s main app. Given this huge success, it’s not surprising that big brands like Lego and its video applications like social networks want to compete with it.

instagram vs tiktok

What sets TikTok apart from other social media platforms, according to marketers, is its totality. TikTok has a habit of connecting people around common interests through discovery, as it’s not based on who you know or follow, but on content. With this, users with small subscribers can often get hundreds of thousands to millions of views.

TikTok, on the other hand, is known for its short, raw and innovative video content. TikTok users love content with a sense of humor and originality. On TikTok, hashtag challenges are extremely common and have helped many influential and influential campaigns gain popularity overnight.

Instagram, for its part, is the product of months of impressive work. Influencer campaigns may or may not go viral depending on the popularity of the influencer. Instagram is more about style and images than everyday content.

Already, Instagram has prioritized competition with TikTok by launching Reels in August 2020, but offering Instagram Reels videos on Facebook Watch Reels. This short video feature allows Instagram users to create content with audio and augmented reality effects, just like they already can on TikTok.

But while TikTok is a rapidly growing platform with a new take on content, Instagram remains the #1 tool for social media marketing. At the end of 2020, 96% of brand campaigns involved Instagram influencers, for example, compared to 6.8% of TikTok influencers, as reported by Influencer Marketing Hub.

Even though Tik Tok continues to grow in popularity, Instagram remains the most popular app in terms of user base and interactions. While it is smart and appropriate to focus on TikTok influencers, Instagram still deserves attention to reach a larger audience.

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