Instagram is testing private story likes

Instagram has started testing its users’ ability to like (or like) Instagram Stories privately. This feature is in the testing phase and is still limited and visible to a small group of people around the world…

Better measure engagement with Instagram Stories

If you’ve been looking for a middle ground to connect to Instagram Stories, your prayers may be answered with a new feature from Instagram.

Currently, all Instagram users have the option to reply or respond to a story with eight options including laugh, surprise, heart-eye, tear-eye, applause, fire, celebration and 100 emoji. These reactions are not publicly visible, but the person posting the story can see the total number of reactions received for each emoji.

The introduction of Stories Likes on Instagram will allow users and influencers to generate and quantify engagement with their Instagram Stories, making it easier to measure engagement on their content.

Who are already able to see Stories Likes get a notification Informing them that they can get a new form of user engagement on their stories privately.

Several users revealed that they had already started seeing the feature and posted screenshots of the new option on Twitter.

These screenshots show that users who are part of the test will receive a notice that they can receive likes on their stories.

Features of interacting better with Instagram Stories

In May 2021, Instagram introduced the ability for its users to hide the number of public likes on their Feed posts, an option that Meta began testing on Instagram and Facebook last year.

With the introduction of Private Story Likes, it becomes even more apparent that the company is expanding its efforts to enable creators to increase and gauge engagement for their content on Instagram.

Other efforts to encourage users to use and interact with Instagram stories include the introduction of stickers like Duet. “Add Yours” in November 2021. This feature gives users more ways to collaborate and find new people to follow, as it allows them to respond to other users’ stories with their own.

Interactive stickers can be used to create content channels where each user adds their own story. It should be noted that the new sticker is somewhat similar to TikTok’s “Duet” feature, TikTok Duets, which allows users to create content with an original video.

With the new feature, if you don’t have the option of getting likes on your stories, it means the new tool hasn’t been made available to you yet. As previously described by Instagram head Adam Mosseri, the trial period for new features is to see if they work properly, if they are useful, and if they completely disrupt Instagram’s functionality. We do.

In the meantime, just keep working on your Instagram Stories with useful Instagram tools.

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