Instagram Accelerates E-Commerce With This New Feature!

All users can now place product tags on Instagram posts. While this feature was only available for content creators and professional accounts, this new feature helps further develop e-commerce on the platform…

Over the next few months, Instagram will expand product mentions to all users in the United States.

Before this news, only creators on Instagram could mention the companies’ products in their posts. All US users will now be able to tag products from businesses configured for Instagram Shopping.

This will make it easier for users to discover products from the people they follow and for companies to expand their audiences on social networks.

how it works ?

Mentioning a product works the same way as mentioning any other account. Users can tag a product on a feed post by tapping on specific areas of their image. Product tags are available for businesses that have a store on Instagram.

An Instagram spokesperson explained:

“Tagged a new pair of earrings from your favorite small business? Mention the product in your Feed post so your friends and followers know about the winnings and buy them. People Instagram to share and discover trends and inspiration Come on. Mentioning products will allow anyone to support their favorite small businesses, share how they’ve styled their looks with the products they’ve used, and more. »

To tag a product in your post:

  • Select a photo or video;
  • Add a caption;
  • Select the “Next” button;
  • Tag a brand in your post to see the option to tag products.
  • From there, tap “Tag Products” to find the business;
  • Find the products you want to mention;
  • Add them to your post. Users have the ability to tag multiple products in one post.

For their part, business owners:

  • Receive a notification when someone tags one of your products on Instagram;
  • Control who mentions their products by managing your product label preferences in your settings;
  • View all tagged content in one place on their profile;

Towards the acceleration of e-commerce on Instagram

Instagram said that on average, more than 1.6 million people tag at least one brand every week. It is therefore an interesting detail that, as indicated, plays in favor of the growth of e-commerce on social networks to drive the behavior of users to make greater use of online shopping through the platform.

This could give brands a huge boost for free in the app, building on Instagram’s focus on e-commerce and changing consumer behavior within the app. ,

For users, this will likely see a huge expansion of the product tag. As more and more people get into the habit of mentioning their favorite products, it will lean more into the product discovery mindset that Instagram actually wants to encourage to facilitate more transactions.

This feature is being rolled out to all Instagram users in the United States starting March 22, 2022. It remains to be seen when it will be available in France.

To be continued…

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