Influencers are the dead long lived content creators [Etude annuelle sur l’influence marketing]

Reach, a specialist company in influencer marketing, has published its new study on influencer marketing. Like every year, this is an opportunity to take stock of their collaborations with influencers and brands. But beware, influencers are above all passionate and now prefer the term “content creator”, one of the first elements revealed by the study…

By the way, if you want to review a previous study analyzing the evolution of influence marketing, follow this link. Otherwise go here to download the new study.

Who are the content creators today?

74% of those affected are women.

The typical profile is a woman in her thirties.

The main topics covered are lifestyle (especially fashion and beauty), leisure, engagement and culture:

Managing a community is usually a side activity for the influencers, however, 15% of content creators do this activity full time, Percentage stable compared to the previous study.

This year, the study has an interesting focus on B2B content creators who use social networks and have specific motivations, as shown in this infographic:

Instagram remains the preferred platform for influencers

without surprise, Instagram is still the network where influencers are most active, followed by Facebook and blogs Which is still very much alive and remains on top of the platforms used year after year.

Apart from this, many influencers have also started blogging this year.

TikTok comes in the ranking, it is especially appreciated by the creators of B2B content. 41% of influencers registered on TikTok this year, but this represents only 4% of requests for partnerships with network brands.

passion in the heart of inspiration

Influencers are passionate, without passion it is difficult to regularly create content and move forward.

Relationship between content creators and brands

Marketing doesn’t know the impact crisis, this period was an opportunity for influencers to increase their rate of publication, interact more with their community, and grow it.

Partnerships with brands have not declined. 81% of influencers have at least 1 partnership this year and 51% have received more requests than last year. There were also more direct contacts between brands and content creators.

,The crisis has forced brands to react swiftly to continue to communicate and stay close to their consumers. This situation has removed the brakes on influencer marketing. Those who weren’t influencing started and those who were used to this strategy, sometimes working without their partner to equip themselves with influencer techniques and solicit direct influencers. , Guillaume Doki-Thonon, Founder Reach.

Content promotion through media buying is also a practice that is evolving. 45% of creators partnering with the brand have already practiced amplification. 88% are satisfied with their partnership.

Instagram remains first platform to partner with brands

Influencers favor long-term partnerships and those with high added value.

some exercise , Production of materials, organization of competitions, co-creation …

They are also selective and do not hesitate to refuse certain partnerships. There are 3 main reasons for refusing:

  1. The content creator doesn’t like or trust the product (65%)
  2. Content manufacturer and brand have inconsistent values ​​(55%)
  3. The content creator doesn’t like or has a relationship with the company (46%)

impact of covid

84% of respondents are still satisfied with their role as a content creator, if not more. The crisis was as much an opportunity as a hindrance:

What about income? Despite the crisis, average participation wages have continued to rise, even as content creators believe their remuneration has fallen:

Study on Marketing Influence for Free Download

The full study can be downloaded for free. I strongly recommend it, it gives a real panorama of marketing impact.

Get the complete study by following this link

Article written in collaboration with Reach

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