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If in entrepreneurship, everything is a question of anticipation and planning, nothing beats a well-crafted communication strategy with Marronniers. Therefore, do not forget to define the dates of your communication according to their compatibility with your activities. Discover important dates to boost your marketing strategy in 2023…

January 2023

Between new resolutions and winter sales, the month of January kicks off with World Peace Day. NICT enthusiasts will soon have the pleasure of attending the CES Las Vegas show. There will also be World Data Protection Day to remind our customers of the importance of protecting their information and privacy. Finally, optimize your customer relationships through engaging, fun and engaging content, bonuses or special discounts during Blue Monday.

  • 1/01: World Peace Day / Dry January
  • 5 to 8/01: CES Las Vegas
  • 6/01: Epiphany
  • 11/01 to 7/02: Winter Sale
  • 01/16: Blue Monday
  • 22/01: Chinese New Year
  • 01/23: Community Manager Day
  • 26 to 29/01: Angoulême Comic Strip Festival
  • 01/28: World Data Protection Day

February 2023

The month of February only has 28 days, but it has some unusual moments in store for you. Start your campaigns in style with Candlemas, then build smartly with the Six Nations Tournament and the Super Bowl. Contribute to the joy of lovers too with a selection of your best gifts, “best places ever” or your Valentine’s Day pack promotions. Quick Tip: Include singles in your Valentine’s Day campaigns. Finally, honor winter vacation recipients throughout the month and wrap up your communication with the opening. Farming.

  • 2/02: Candlemas
  • 4/02 to 18/03: Six Nations Tournament
  • 4 to 20/02: School Holidays – Zone A
  • 5/02: Grammy Awards
  • 6 to 19/02: World Alpine Ski Championships
  • 11 to 27/02: School Holidays – Zone B
  • 02/12: Super Bowl
  • 02/14: Valentine’s Day
  • 18/02 to 06/03: School holidays in Zone C
  • 25/02 to 05/03: Agricultural Show

March 2023

The month of March conjures up activism, spring and initiative! After Zero Discrimination Day and Grandmothers Day, you’ll have International Women’s Rights Day on your schedule. This is the perfect time to promote your brand, why not share stories of female figures in your company and promote equality at work. The arrival of spring can also be an opportunity to renew your marketing campaigns.

  • 1/03: Zero Discrimination Day
  • 5/03: Grandmother’s Day
  • 8/03: Celebration of women’s rights
  • 11/03: International Startup Day
  • 17/03: St. Patrick’s Day
  • 03/20: Beginning of spring
  • 03/25: World Procrastination Day
  • 28 to 30/03: E-Marketing Fair in Paris

April 2023

April promises to be a busy month in terms of sales. It’s Fool’s Day, so surprise your audience with funny stories or content about your products and services! It is also the month of Easter, well prepare your special spring sale to increase the commitment of your customers. Also participate in GO Entrepreneurs and French Days to boost your notoriety.

  • 1/04: April Fools
  • 9/04: Easter
  • 04/14: Coachella Festival
  • 04/21: Creativity and Innovation Day
  • 04/22: World Earth Day
  • 26/04: French day
  • 26/04 to 08/05: Paris Fair
  • 29/04: Dance Festival
  • 04/30: Jazz Festival

May 2023

The month of May kicks off with Labor Day and Lily of the Valley Day, ample days to generate sparkling content that will make your target audience crave the outdoors. There will of course be other marketing opportunities: Eurovision, Star Wars Days, Pentecost, Neighbors’ Day…

  • 1/05: Labor Day | feast of thrush
  • 4/05: Star Wars Day
  • 7/05: Feast of Laughter
  • 05/13: Eurovision Final
  • 15/05: International Day of Families
  • 16/05: Cannes Film Festival
  • 26/05: Neighbor Day
  • 05/28: Pentecost
  • 28/05 to 11/06: Roland Garros
  • 05/29: Particle Monday

June 2023

The month of June continues slowly with Parents’ Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Develop content around these events. Then, World Environment Day will be an opportunity to communicate ecological themes and environmentally-responsible articles. Apart from sporting events, this month will also be punctuated by Vivatech 2023 and Summer Sales, so get your marketing campaigns in place well in advance.

  • 01/06: Parents’ Day
  • 4/06: Mother’s Day
  • 5/06: World Environment Day
  • 10/06: Champions League Final
  • 14/06: Vivatech Show
  • 18/06: Father’s Day
  • 28/06 to 25/07: Summer Sale

July 2023

In July, the 110th Tour de France will be kicked-off which will run for 23 days! Don’t hesitate to take advantage of other cult events, such as the Women’s World Cup, National Day and Friendship Day, to keep your campaigns on track during the summer school holidays.

  • 1st to 23/07: Tour de France
  • 7/07: Summer Vacation
  • 14/07: National holiday
  • 07/17: Emoji Party
  • 20/07 to 20/08: Women’s Football World Cup
  • 07/30: International Friendship Day

August 2023

With summer in full swing, the month of August seems to be a slow period. However, depending on your areas of activity, certain days can turn into great marketing opportunities, such as Oktoberfest on the first Friday of the month. Same goes for the days of cats and dogs whose GIF videos and photos are very popular content on social networks.

  • 4/08: World Beer Day
  • 8/08: International Cat Day
  • 08/15: Perception
  • 19/08: World Photography Day
  • 08/26: World Dog Day

September 2023

The month of September is also a period of marketing operations! Take advantage of the start of the school year to build a special “back to school” menu into your promotional offers. This month also marks the beginning of autumn, but write down in your business diary the Grand Braderie de Lille, the French days of the start of the school year and the days of gastronomy.

  • 02 & 03/09: Lille’s Big Brady
  • 09/09 to 10/28: Rugby World Cup
  • 09/21: International Day of Peace
  • 09/23: fall
  • 23 and 24/09: Gastronomy Day
  • 29/09: French day of the new school year

October 2023

Winter is coming, the days are getting shorter, but October is one of the “Golden Quarter” periods during which e-commerce begins to explode. Several marketing events will be on the menu: Pink October, Grandfather’s Day, Animal Day and Canadian Thanksgiving. And don’t forget to tune in to your Halloween campaigns!

  • 1/10: Pink October/Grandfather’s Day
  • 2/10: Oktoberfest
  • 4/10: World Animal Day
  • 6/10: World Smile Day
  • 9/10: Thanksgiving in Canada
  • 27/10: World Champagne Day
  • 10/31: Halloween

November 2023

Families are on the lookout for promotional offers in November. Men will be in the limelight with Movember. Then, with the Salon du Made in France, showcase your innovations to consumers for three days. The end of the month will be more commercial with “Black Friday” sales that kick-start holiday shopping. And why not extend your Black Friday campaigns with Cyber ​​Monday.

  • 1/11: Movember
  • 9/11: The “Made in French” Show
  • 11/11: Singles Day
  • 16/11: Entrepreneurship Week
  • 11/23: Thank you
  • 24/11: Black Friday / Green Day
  • 27/11: Cyber ​​Monday

December 2023

Winters are over, but holidays are still looming over your shopping horizon, and what better way to boost your last quarter than with festive promotional offers. Of course, don’t just think about sales, but also contribute to the atmosphere by thanking your customers and partners for making the year special. Get creative by running festive contests via social media or livestreaming your Christmas events with your team!

  • 2 & 3/12: Telethon
  • 8/12: World Climate Day
  • 10/12: World Human Rights Day
  • 11/12: Green Monday
  • 15/12: Christmas Sweater Party
  • 25/12: Christmas
  • 31/12: New Year’s Eve

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