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Over the past few months, you’ve certainly seen many articles talking about the evolution of mobile, and how important it is to have one.” mobile strategy“. More and more online activities are now done through smartphones and tablets. Consumer practices are changing: two-thirds of viewers watch television with their cellphones in their hands or tablets on their knees, and it is with those viewers It is a question of adopting these changes in order to maintain relationships which are increasingly in demand. …

mobile and television

Tablets and smartphones are becoming the ubiquitous second screen. Today, Many Internet users remain on social networks while watching television, Broadcast programs are now potential tools for marketing teams that must create new forms of advertising to generate sales.

Twitter is already a dominant force in this area. In the United States, series broadcast channels already offer viewers the option to choose the ending of an episode using a specific hashtag. In France, brands and agencies are also starting to clarify their communication between the two screens, for example SFR with its “4G ready” campaign, which made its advertisements by referring viewers to a longer version of the spot. “Shazam”, but also and exclusively on merchant sites.

Television becomes interactive. Viewers comment and discuss during moments of dissemination. Programs will need to find a way to combine mobile strategy with votes and comments, as TV has become increasingly ubiquitous with advanced mobile applications. This will be the main challenge this year, especially for production companies, broadcasters and advertising agencies, who will have to build extensions for this instant dual consumption-friendly TV programs and design programs. They would then be able to develop a new source of commercial revenue.

responsive design

mobile and social networks

If the mobile revolution that came in 2012, 2013 will strengthen its position. The use of social networks on mobile devices will grow rapidly. People will increasingly share what is happening in real time. So they expect mobile versions of their favorite sites or even dedicated applications. Any successful new app will need to be integrated into social media so that they can share even more and engage users.

If you don’t have a mobile strategy, you can be far behind. responsive design Your site is a must for those who now want to have a quick overview of the site using their tablet or smartphone. If the content isn’t “mobile-friendly,” you risk annoying them, and you’ll be ahead of your competitors who haven’t yet taken the reflex to optimize their sites.

For example, you can add a locator to your mobile site so that person can share their location. Be careful that your content (e-books, videos or images) is compatible with the mobile format. Also, try placing a QR near your physical point of sale that leads to your Facebook page and offers consumers gifts (discount coupons if they “like” your page).

So 2013 will present many opportunities and challenges. Mobile-ready sites will get more visits, and the more time consumers spend on their mobile devices, the more time they spend online. Mobile strategies will become imperative for companies that need to take advantage of their customers’ permanent presence on the Internet. Many means will appear to connect physical and virtual environments, such as cross-channel, for example, which will help you get closer to your customers.

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