Importance of advertising t-shirts for your business

Develop your brand’s notoriety, retain your customers, mark the minds of its prospects… Communication by commodity is a powerful marketing tool (if you’re not convinced yet, try working on your notoriety with advertising items). Read our article for 6 reasons). Notebook, pen, tote bag… the formats are numerous, today let’s take a look at a star format: advertising t-shirts…

Some reasons to choose a customizable T-shirt for your object marketing campaign

Creative in format and easy to personalize, logo t-shirts are timeless and still effective from a marketing standpoint. When you communicate through a T-shirt, you are touching not only the person you are giving it to, but also those around you with a snowballing effect.

Once worn, your brand is visible. It’s a powerful format for conveying your message while maintaining a reasonable cost (counting between €1.20 and €10 depending on the quality, size of T-shirt and quantity ordered).

T-shirts can have different purposes, here are some examples:

  1. Thank you and retain your customers;
  2. Have a little care for your prospects and partners;
  3. Build loyalty and build on the team spirit of your employees;
  4. Dress up your employees at trade shows, conventions or other events…

Of course, to achieve these goals, some good practices must be followed.

Best practices for your customizable clothing

We talked about T-shirts at the beginning of this article, but the following advice can apply to all kinds of customizable clothing.

1: Bet on Quality

Make sure to choose quality pieces, it is better to invest a little more on the unit cost and look worn out than to leave your t-shirt in a corner due to poor quality. Quality will also have a significant impact on your branding, so it should not be taken lightly.

2: Choose the material well

Similarly, pay attention to the choice of material. Especially the quality of cotton. These materials should also be in line with the values ​​of your brand. Some suppliers, for example, offer certified organic organic cotton.

3: Get started with successful integration of your brand

Don’t rush your brand integration, think about how your brand will integrate, and oversee the quality of personalization.

Before ordering t-shirts in large quantities, order 1 or 2 with different materials and integration techniques to choose from and appreciate the integration of your brand. Some suppliers even offer real or virtual samples to better understand your brand integration before placing an order.

4: Be creative

To always optimize the chances of being worn and appreciated by your customers, make sure T-shirts incorporate your brand in a creative way. Why not hire a designer to help you create an original model.

Sites like Malt or LinkedIn can help you find a designer for this assignment.

5: Keep the deadline in mind

Depending on the suppliers you choose and the level of production quality, lead times can vary from 7 to 15 days, please inquire when ordering and take this into account when organizing your communication campaign.

It’s your turn

All that’s left to do is start your next custom t-shirt campaign. Don’t hesitate to share your good practices in the comments below

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