I tested the Kwixer app for you: Community Recommendation

Kwixer is a new mobile application that allows you to easily follow the cultural activity of your friends. No more opinions from strangers on particular platforms, here it is your circle of friends who guide you. Life-sized word of mouth! It gives you complete confidence in the comments and ratings related to various resources. The application brings together many areas of interest today: movies, music, books, video games and restaurants …

Kwixer: Personalized Recommendations

But Kwixer doesn’t stop there! The whole point of having a social network like this is to be able to take advantage of recommendations. The more resources you “kwix” with, the more the application will recognize you and recommend new things for you to discover in a relevant way! This resource is tailored to your expectations: put it on your to-do list to find it anytime!

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An application connected to other social networks.

Everyone can find something for themselves. Social media followers will be able to share their Quixer activity on Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare. Kwixer to your friends or publicly so that the entire Kwixer community can benefit from your comments. For the more refractory, they will be able to “kwix” privately and just take advantage of the recommendation engine. Upon arrival, the application will get to know you better, bring you new information about yourself (director, artist, favorite author…) and enable you to discover new things.

a user friendly application

image_4Beyond the concept, the application is great to use on a daily basis. The graphics are original and colorful, and the animations are really different from other iPhone applications. Kwixer is a very intuitive application and the various filters (both on your network and on the type of resources) allow you to quickly access personalized search. We would also appreciate all links to reliable sites like Wikipedia, YouTube, Amazon etc…

The app is available in French and English and movies are referenced in multiple languages ​​as well (if you’re looking for opinions on the very worst travels, you’ll find your friend’s comment on The Hangover)

Finally, a little tip: the search engine is more efficient than the application suggests because you can search by a title but also by an actor, a director, and even a word key: I tried James Bond. Of

Link to find application

  • Site: www.kwixer.com
  • iOS App: itunes.apple.com/app/kwixer/id576776876
  • WP Application: www.windowsphone.com

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