I [Page de vente] 7 Fatal Mistakes That Lose You the Most Money

Do you want to make a lot of sales with your online training that clearly seems untested? You really don’t know what could be wrong with the sales page of this one? While sales are probably and regularly passing right under your nose! To understand better why this is happening to you, read this article till the end…

Let’s imagine for a moment that…

Let’s imagine for a moment that you have just set a goal to increase the conversion rate of one of your sales pages.

Why not one that aims to sell your underused online training.

A copywriter comes and offers to help you achieve this goal.

He knows you’ve already spent a lot of time working on this…

But he tells you that it is quite possible to increase his conversion rate easily.

Why ?

Simply because he quickly spotted the 7 classic but fatal mistakes that cost you the most on your sales page.

They are here…

1 – Promise does not make sense at a glance

Result : The prospect’s attention is lost immediately.

On a sales page, there’s nothing worse than a headline that contains a poorly worded promise that doesn’t make a lot of sense and doesn’t make sense to the prospect.

The first major battle in the sales war is the battle for attention.

If you lose this battle, you risk losing the whole war…

The promise contained in the title should ideally be:

  • Want to read more your prospect;
  • Be as easily understandable as possible;
  • Be as punchy and impactful as possible.

A badly written title is a title that loses a lot of impact power.

The sales page is titled Like Legos.

You’ll have to play around with different parts until you get a coherent and perfect whole.

Take the example of the title of this page.

It must necessarily include the following “parts”:

  • Terrible Mistakes Not To Make On Sales Pages;
  • The result of these errors is considerable loss of money;
  • The sales page element is important for making the article relevant.

By playing around with these different pieces, I was able to come up with a satisfying title for this article.

It’s a lot easier to come up with a punchy title if you already have the right pieces.

But to get to them, you still need to know your ideal customer from the inside…

2 – Frustrations of the prospect are exploited

Result : The misunderstood prospect will not want to engage with you.

A copywriter spends more time studying the target than writing it himself.

This is to clearly identify his deepest frustrations.

According to top copywriters, this is the key to writing a hyper-profitable sales page.

Take the case of a psychologist’s patients.

What do they expect of him in priority to being loyal to him? Have to understand deeply.

Who will shrink in a way that doesn’t understand your problems deeply?

In the sales page, it’s the same.

In order to engage the prospect to read through to the end, he must actually make sense.

To understand her better, it would be most effective to meet her.

3 – But where are the advantages and disadvantages?

Result : Chance does not understand why he should invest these 1000 euros in this online training…

You probably know the mistake of talking too much about product features.

So it doesn’t talk enough about benefits and other benefits.

Talking there, know that there is a difference between the two.

Take for example this type of online training: Say goodbye to 7 weeks and employment to turn to web writing,

One of the product features can be: Dozens of hours of video.

The benefits of video can be: Learn a new business.

The benefits that can be derived from the benefits are: get freedom.

Do you now see the difference between profit and profit?

If you want to make more sales, you need to be able to justify the value of your product!

There is nothing like mentioning the many advantages and benefits to achieve this…

… disregarding a bit more of the product characteristics.

If your product really helps people, it’s not hard to find a profit.

4 – Severe lack of emotional attachment

Result : It can be very difficult to get the prospect to trust you.

For example, we have no trouble “selling” when it comes to:

  • Our best friend wants to watch this or that Netflix series;
  • ask a member of our family to test this or that cooking method;
  • persuade your favorite neighbor to try this or that mechanic to break it down;
  • Inspire your dad to buy you an iconic toy when you’re a kid.

But when we try to sell in the business world, it’s a different story!

We can feel like a carpet seller.

Or to look like an intrusive salesman who immediately gets his foot in the door.

This may be due to some cognitive bias or another.

Will online training be harder to sell than a Netflix series?

Yes for most people.

Not for copywriters.

Because the copywriter is able to make a real emotional connection with the prospect.

Why do we manage to persuade friends to keep such a film?

Maybe because we are so close to these people.

To add more emotional engagement to your sales pages:

  • adopt a slightly more conversational tone that brings you closer to the prospect;
  • Add a well-planned method of storytelling that makes sense to the prospect;
  • Be successful in convincing your prospect that you can truly understand him.

5 – The sales page talks too much, too much about the product

Result : Chance gets the impression that we want to give him an old carpet.

We talked about this a little earlier.

If your sales page is missing out on the biggest benefits of your product…

…it’s probably because it’s loaded with features!

Imagine you want to buy my favorite pastry, namely Paris-Brest, I can tell you that there is:

Butter, sugar, flour, water, egg, salt, etc.

That would be a lot less selling than saying: Its Praline Mousseline Cream is a real pleasure for my taste buds. Like time has stopped while tasting…

With your sales page, it’s exactly that!

People are angry with features because they see them everywhere: on billboards, in flyers, on TV…

And to convince your fiancé to marry you, can you convince her by saying: My name is Luke, I am 36 years old and I weigh 80 kg, I live….

The most effective would be to talk about the journey to the end of the world as a journey to an unknown destination capable of changing your outlook on life forever.

Talk less about the product and more about why it can change people’s lives.

6- Talking most means not talking to anyone

Result : Chances are not sure whether the message on the page really pertains to it.

One of the most common mistakes on a sales page is poor targeting.

A profitable sales page is only for one person.

From the beginning of the sales page, he should know that the text is written specifically for him.

What do you see in the following title: 7 weeks to switch to web writing and say goodbye to employment?

As far as I am concerned, I understand this title to mean that:

  • The product is about someone who wants to retrain;
  • The prospect already has an idea of ​​the job he wants to practice soon;
  • The ideal prospect aims to leave the workforce;
  • The prospect does not have much time to achieve this objective.

Only this title allows the prospect to understand very clearly that this page is aimed at a very specific goal.

This may sound completely counter-intuitive, but…

… the more you target a specific person on your page, the more you will sell!

A little bit of a sort of security gate that filters people in, whether they want to or not.

Never forget that talking to everyone is not talking to anyone.

7 – An inconsistent sales page structure

Result : The page is very messy. She doesn’t want to read it.

To take the example of Lego, all you need to know is a profitable sales page:

  • Composed of several complementary blocks;
  • built according to a logical structure;
  • Brought to life with a message that makes sense.

Whereas an unprofitable sales page would likely:

  • formed as a single block of raw materials;
  • badly structured with a great deal of fluidity in reading or understanding;
  • Long and endlessly strewn with indigestible cobblestones.

A poorly structured sales page means missing out on some sales!

If it’s too messy, you end up with a rough diamond.

Raw diamond is good and its price can be anything but…

… as much a diamond as it has ever reached its final stage of production: polishing.

To do this with your sales page, you’ll need to:

  • Make your page as fluid as possible;
  • make its structure as logical and intelligible as possible;
  • Skip the essentials and absolutely avoid any vague sentences.

Bonus – the design is not optimized for conversions

Graphic designers who read us can appreciate this part!

You have a great sales page with copy that really makes you want to buy.

But its design is not optimized for conversion at all.

If super motivational text can make a lot of money with a no-nonsense design…

Imagine what such a text could give with a design with small onions.

When it comes to copywriting, design can also make a difference in sales.

But before you take care of the design, you need to write a good text first.

Once you have a complete text, hire a graphic designer to multiply the results.

To prevent these mistakes on your sales pages…

…and to stop losing money, there are two solutions available to you!

You can learn to master the art and science of copywriting (but it takes a long time).

You can hire a copywriter (it’s faster).

But in any case, you need to know your ideal customer completely.

The more you know about it, the less mistakes you will make in your sales pages.

The fewer mistakes you make, the more you sell!

and you? What mistakes do you think you make most often in your sales pages? I invite you to share them with me in the comments.

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