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That’s it, for this new year, you want to modernize your company website! For this, you should know the latest web design trends including typographic trends that can improve your brand image and your online presence. And that’s good, here are 8 Typographic Trends to Note for 2021…

typography or the art of arranging letters and text

Let’s start with the basics: What is typography? Essentially, typography is the art of arranging letters and text in a way that makes the copy readable, clear, and attractive to the reader. Its purpose is to evoke certain emotions and to transmit specific messages and include:

  • Style ;
  • appearance;
  • Police Structure.

In short, it is typography that brings text to life.

It’s more than just choosing beautiful fonts – it’s an essential part of Design Of user interface, Nice typography

  • Establish a strong visual hierarchy;
  • Provide graphic balance on the website;
  • Will set the general tone of the product.

It should guide and inform your users, optimize readability and accessibility, and guarantee an excellent user experience.

Turning text into a design is no easy task, as it requires both strategy and a good sense of visual aesthetics. In addition, it raises a number of issues.

Why is typography so important?

attract public attention

Used correctly, typography can convey emotion, as can following visual trends. The audience needs to understand and care about the message you are trying to send. The right font sets the tone for your presentation even before you begin.

create brand identity

A powerful role of typography in graphic design is to establish and develop brand identity. This is especially true when it comes to logo design. When you think of popular brands like Coca-Cola, Harley-Davidson and Disney, you can easily imagine their unique logos in your mind.

show your personality

Some fonts, especially those in the display category, add personality to graphic design. Intentional use of typography can indicate whether a brand is playful, warm, mysterious, daring, youthful, sophisticated, etc. Therefore, it is important to understand the characteristics of a brand or design project in order to use typography that expresses the right personality.

influence decision making

Typography, like images and colors, defines a brand’s visual identity, and has a profound effect on how users perceive the information conveyed by the various elements, including text, for typography. Particularly flashy typefaces are much more persuasive than weak fonts that don’t reinforce the message of the text.

8 main typographic trends for 2021

svelte serif font

Combining bold elements, POLICE SVELTE SERIF is making a comeback in typography trends. It is also a breath of fresh air against the overuse of sans-serif in recent years.

outline font

These fonts made their debut in 2020 and are expected to be effective again in 2021. Transparency is extra powerful and blod is aligned next to fonts.

developed brutalist

This brutalist style was all the rage in 2020 and will likely continue into 2021. It has evolved into a softer, more modern Brutalist style, with dark green woods and similar undertones dominating the color palette.

overlay text with other elements

What was just a Photoshop trick is now popping up on many sites. Some actually reveal a lot of overlay of text with other elements like images and illustrations.

text-image merge

Text-to-image blending – where the text is combined with the image itself and the two are inseparable, gives the image a distinct effect and really catches the eye.

new psychedelic font

This new psychedelic vibe is made up of retro colors mixed with modern touches. He is inspired by the psychedelic concepts of the past.

modern and bold serif font

These bold serif fonts are taking over the screen more and more.

Cyberpunk and Vaporware

The 1980s saw the introduction of digital games and new computers. Cyberpunk and vaporwave designs are variations of the retro-futuristic ’80s design.

Mastering typography will allow you to become a prolific user interface designer! Take the time to think about it, as it is an important part of UI design. Good typography can help you and your clients achieve your project goals.

Source: The WordCounter

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