I [Infographie] How is video impacting consumer decision making in 2021?

In 2021, video remains a powerful tool for connecting and interacting with your customers. But with most brands offering their offerings online, it is no surprise that consumer habits and shopping behavior have changed as well. So where are consumers sailing? Does video still influence their buying decisions? Reaction in computer graphics…

Why is the use of video different in 2021?

Video has been a central pillar of social media success for years. So why will this year be any different? Animoto recently surveyed 580 consumers to see how video marketing affects their daily social media habits.

In the main issues, Animoto addressed the following questions:

  • Where do consumers navigate?
  • Why do they choose to buy?
  • How can marketers reach them?

what consumers are saying

When searching for a new product or service, consumers prefer video rather than text or photos. consumers said thatFeather promotional video The #1 favorite type of content for brands on social media.

For consumers, video is the easiest type of brand content to remember.

Where do consumers navigate?

Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are the three main platforms where consumers find the hottest new products or services.

74% of consumers said they interact with ads on Instagram Stories.

Why do consumers buy?

  • 40% of consumers have made more purchases through social media ads this year than last year;
  • 93% of consumers say video is helpful when buying a product;
  • 71% of consumers have purchased a product or service after watching a video of a brand on social media.

How can your business stand out?

This infographic also unveiled 4 tips to stand out better in 2021 thanks to video:

Tip 1: Go vertical for story-friendly content: Vertical videos are growing in popularity and are the preferred dimension of Instagram Stories, Instagram Reels, and Facebook Stories. In 2021, vertical content is engaging, engaging and relevant.

Tip 2: Optimize your content across platforms: Before posting the same video on each platform, think about your audience on each. Short, vertical content excels in stories, but YouTube favors longer videos in landscape format.

Tip 3: A/B Testing for Results-Driven Video Ads: Separating and comparing your ads helps you determine what your audience likes. Will it be short content? Category Advertisement? Mention a sale? Test your video ads, then double down on the ones that work for real-time results.

Tip 4: Save the best for the first time: Don’t wait too long to make your point. Start with the most attractive image or video clip. Want to boost sales? Have this discount or promotional code already.

Explore the complete infographic

The role of video in the modern business landscape is thus clearer than ever. It is no longer an option, but a necessity for development. More and more companies are realizing its power and taking full advantage of it. If you haven’t taken advantage of video marketing yet, there’s no better time to do so than now!

Source: Animoto

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