I [Infographie] How does Gen Z understand and use LinkedIn?

Gen Z is now the fastest growing demographic on LinkedIn. But she does not use this social network in the same way that B2B professionals are targeted. How to engage and retain this specific audience which is Generation Z? Let’s find out together in these new figures published by LinkedIn…

Generation Z on LinkedIn

According to a study published by LinkedIn, by 2025, Generation Z workers will represent 27% of the workforce. At ages 9 to 24, it will increasingly turn to social networks for target opportunities:

  • professional development;
  • Learn;
  • networking;
  • Why business?

Furthermore, with 78 million Gen Zs on LinkedIn today, the demographic already represents 10% of the platform’s total users. Other important information: The total number of Gen Zs is now two and a half times more than at the beginning of 2020.

And like the Millennials who preceded them, Gen Z is ahead of the digital world. Generation Z is the first global generation to be digitally connected since birth. Which helps explain his affinity for social media, including LinkedIn:

  • 71% of Generation Z spend more than an hour a day on social media;
  • 63% of people visit LinkedIn more than once a week.

LinkedIn exclusively analyzed data from Generation Z’s 78 million members on its platform to see:

  • how they are attached;
  • how they spend;
  • Why do they buy from different companies.

What do Gen Xers think about LinkedIn?

For Gen Zs, LinkedIn is a trusted platform where it is possible to post and interact securely. With respect to commercial content:

  • 75% say that businesses and organizations post valuable content on their LinkedIn pages;
  • 80% say they want to follow more businesses and organizations on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn, a social network to boost your career

On LinkedIn, Generation Z is ambitious and more focused on their careers:

  • 73% of Generation Z members on LinkedIn want to be successful;
  • 72% of them want to be financially secure;
  • 74% want to learn new skills.

Gen Zs on LinkedIn have a strong entrepreneurial spirit as compared to the same generation on other platforms. Tech-savvy and research-oriented, he is more likely to be interested in technical subjects such as finance, investing and business.

What content is of interest to Generation Z on LinkedIn?

The type of content Gen Z is interested in mainly varies according to their geographic area:

  • In North America and Latin America: Generation Z is interested in employee welfare, job prospects and social causes;
  • In the APAC (Asia-Pacific) region: workplace trends and read articles on additional education on LinkedIn.
  • In the EMEA region (Europe Middle East and Africa or Europe, Middle East and Africa countries): she is interested in articles related to COVID-19 news, career development and professional business;

In addition, these types of materials vary according to their skills, with particular interest being those who approach volunteering, but also those who teach them to be:

  • efficient multitasking;
  • attractive presenter;
  • Better Digital Marketers.
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LinkedIn describes itself as a site for managing your professional identity and building and interacting with your professional network. While most members of Generation Z don’t have much professional experience yet, and weren’t really attracted to this social network, it should be noted that most join LinkedIn after graduating from high school. . Therefore it is better not to underestimate this goal.

Source: LinkedIn

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