I [ETUDE] Which channels and platforms are most effective for your brand?

Which platforms work best for your brand? How to maximize them without disturbing consumers in a rapidly growing digital world? How to maintain trust and encourage innovation in digital marketing? To answer all the questions most of you are probably asking, here’s what channels and platforms are most effective for your brand…

Kantar released his latest media response report. This reflects consumer confidence in the platform, but also the apprehension of marketers to find a balance between brand protection and innovation while juggling media budgets.

Unsurprisingly, TikTok should happen in 2021

According to Kantar’s study, Tiktok to be a Hub of Innovation and Entertainment in 2021, The number of consumers exposed to ads on this video sharing app has almost doubled. It has increased from 19 per cent last year to 37 per cent this year.

After resisting controversy over a potential ban in the United States last year, the app continued to attract a large number of users, and has recently become First non-Facebook mobile app to exceed 3 billion downloads, Consumers ranked Amazon — a newcomer to the rankings — #2 on ad receptivity, followed by Instagram, Google, and Twitter.

TikTok has also garnered a prominent position as aMost Innovative App for Ads for Marketers And saw the confidence level double. However, it still lags behind serious competitors such as YouTube, Google and Facebook, which are seen as more trustworthy, but less innovative.

Mobile, podcast and streaming ads

Several formats that were previously less popular with consumers have also begun to be adopted, including:

  • Online and mobile game ads: These are the least popular with consumers, but still register 5% growth;
  • advertising on music streaming services;
  • Ads circulated around articles on social networks: they registered an increase of 1%.
  • advertising on podcasts;

In general, podcasts have become an increasingly exploited show in 2021, overtaking influencer marketing. And for good reason, consumers seem to notice that ads on podcasts have improved in terms of content quality and relevance. However, similar to TikTok, the repetition was cited as a drag for the audience.

Either way, that doesn’t stop big platforms like Spotify and Amazon from investing in podcasts to increase listener engagement rates.

Marketing impact in 2021

Although many emerging ad formats are on the rise, Marketers continue to show a preference for older channels. Marketing influence in particular increased from 10th place last year to the third most credible marketing approach.

The high level of confidence marketers have in influencer marketing likely reflects a genuine desire for a new kind of interaction with consumers. It can also reflect the efforts of influencers to show greater maturity, with a new generation of agencies and more customized systems and processes for creating and measuring impactful campaigns.

Source: Kantar, Sensor Tower

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