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With more than three billion people around the world using social media every month, users and engagement on the major platforms continues to grow. And there is no denying that social media marketing has many benefits for businesses and brands. But how does it affect Generation Z, a significant segment of the consumer market?

Generation Z. social media addiction among

As the only generation born in the digital world, Gen Z’s adoption of social media has always been consistent. However, the growing link between social media and the mental health of these young adults remains a matter of concern.

To delve deeper into this question, ExpressVPN surveyed 1,500 French people aged 16 to 24 in a new study revealing the impact of social media on Generation Z. 3 hours or more With the following mental effects on social media platforms per day:

  • happiness (46%);
  • self-esteem 45.5%);
  • self-image (46.5%);
  • Depression (43%).

The study also revealed the percentage of Gen Xers who use social media (by platform):

  • Snapchat 89%;
  • Instagram 89%
  • youtube 82%
  • 74%
  • Facebook 64%
  • Twitter 56%

Recent efforts by social media publishing companies to maintain the mental health of users are having a positive impact. For most respondents, Facebook and Instagram’s “Hide Likes” feature has made social media posts more entertaining and authentic.

Social media also has a significant impact on how Gen Xers see themselves:

  • For 93%, it affects their happiness;
  • For 92%, it impacts their self-image;
  • For 90%, this has a direct impact on their self-esteem;
  • For 83%, it causes loneliness;
  • For 76%, it can lead to depression.

Key data from the study also revealed that:

  • 58% say the ‘Hide Likes’ feature on Instagram and Facebook reduces their anxiety when posting;
  • 35% admit that deleting a post because they weren’t getting enough likes;
  • 45% admit that they have already lied about their age in order to circumvent the rules for access to social networks;
  • 30% admit to having genuine Instagram accounts and at least one “finsta” (fake Instagram account);
  • 24% do not rely on any social media platform to protect their privacy;
  • 90% of Gen Z Internet users surveyed say that social media has an impact on their self-esteem;
  • 27% would not date someone who is not on social media;
  • 52% of respondents say they feel very excited when they receive a notification from a social network on their phone.

Social networks are an essential part of your marketing strategy!

This study revealed Generation Z. The massive impact of social media on, Despite the reported negative effects on his mental health and the dramatic consequences on his personal life. Most Internet users do not want to leave their presence on social networks.

It doesn’t matter whether you run a small local store or a large national company, social media is more than just a trend. It is an essential part of your marketing strategy! The power of social media among Generation Z is commendable. Because you can reach a large number of people within seconds of posting an ad. A great opportunity to exploit, especially as it allows you to reduce your costs and ensure that your ads reach your potential audience for these ads on social networks.

As social media continues to integrate into our daily lives, more and more consumers will turn to new and futuristic social platforms to make purchasing decisions. People with strong social media presence and strong brand image will increase the conversion rates very easily.

Source: ExpressVPN

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