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To help French brands and companies choose the visuals that reach their audiences, a new study presents the place of the French compared to other world populations when it comes to health measures linked to Covid-19 in media, advertising and brand visuals. When it comes to representation. , Details in this article…

Why visuals are important to your marketing strategy

Photos are worth a thousand words and videos are worth almost two million. Also, today’s culture is the scene. We remember images more clearly than any other type of media. With statistics like this, it is clear that given visual marketing:

  • Nearly 40% of visual marketers consider marketing the most important type of content they use in their strategy, right behind blogging
  • Retention rates are radically different: 95% for video, 65% for text with relevant photos, 10% for text only;
  • Social media posts that include images are 94% more likely to generate any kind of engagement than posts that do not;
  • Photos in search increase site visits by 60%;
  • 63% of online shoppers think the quality of a product’s image is as important, if not more, than the product description itself.
  • 7 out of 10 consumers rate image quality as essential to their purchasing decisions.

Better understand consumer sentiments

Visual content platform iStock has published a new study to understand how consumers feel when it comes to depicting health measures related to COVID-19 in media, advertising and branded visuals.

The results show that:

  • 17% of French people want to see people wearing masks in visual communication, compared to about one in three people worldwide;
  • 20% of French people would like to see social distancing scenes, compared to 36% worldwide;
  • 97% of French people versus 89% of the world want to see pictures that show activities happening outside, such as dining or social activities;
  • 87% of French people favor the spread of images depicting life before the pandemic, compared to 86% of the global population.

While restrictive measures have been gradually eased, this new study is helping French creatives and companies choose the visuals that will reach their goals. This allows them to establish a visual strategy that is both respectful and inclusive to all audiences, without forgetting the new Visual Trend 2021.

How to reach a large audience?

Faced with these figures, iStock offers three recommendations for a better communication strategy for a company.

  • a multi-layered approach

With the lifting of restrictive health measures in many countries, choose scenes that depict today’s life to reach a wider audience. Also show the need for these measures anyway.

In your choice of scenes related to COVID-19, opt for images featuring people who live their lives to the fullest even with health measures.

  • diversity of audience

Choose scenes that reflect the great diversity of the French population, regardless of age, gender, religion, ethnic origin, sexual orientation or even people’s skills. According to a previous study by iStock, 65% of French people expect brands and companies to give an important place to diversity of all kinds.

Source: iStock

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