How to Write Hypnotic Bullet Points?

We see them everywhere. Blog articles, PowerPoint presentations, but also (and most importantly) sales pages. They have the ability to turn an inattentive reader from your article into a hyped reader, convincing a prospect who is still undecided about giving you their credit card number. But who is this? Of course bullet points. Want to know tips for writing bulleted lists worthy of top copywriters? it’s this way…

What are bullet points for?

structuring web content

Bulleted lists organize and air your web content, be it blog posts or whatever.

Think of large blocks of text as a sauerkraut to be swallowed on a hot day in record time. Totally indigestible. Better not to scare the user who visits your page.

Whereas a structured, readable and clear text is what motivates you to stay tuned. We come to your page by pretending. It smells like fresh. Everything is tidy. Well ordered.

Do you have a blog and creating digital content is giving you a headache? I have put together the most important points to remember in this article.

make reading easy

In order for a reader not to be able to stop reading your text from beginning to end, he or she must use a principle well known to copywriters.

What we call “the slippery slide” or slide in French.

Basically, your text should be captivating enough that the user can’t stop reading, as if it were on a slide that had been brushed with oil (see you image).

And to that effect, bulleted lists are great.

text rhythm

According to Jakob Nielsen’s eye-tracking studies, reading on a screen is different from reading on paper.

Internet users scan a page more than they actually read. That’s why you should help it understand the content in a visual way that will swing your page: subtitles, bold words, visuals, graphics, quotes, and…. Bulleted Lists.

Appear in position 0 on Google

Google robots understand structured web content more easily. Using bullet points, you chew up their crawl work.

And since Internet users will stay on your page longer, it will give a signal to Google that your content is pleasing. And what do you think the US giants are pushing to the top of their SERPs?

You’ll also notice that search engines primarily offer bulleted lists. Featured Snippets (Position 0 on Google). This is even more true for cooking recipes or tutorials of all kinds.

bullet points

flirting with a prospect

Take a look at this sales page snippet:

Instead of writing a long pitch that will surely be skimmed over, the copywriter lists the benefits in a short form. Information passes better. Much more effective for the brain.

Here, in a few lines, you understand how:

  • Receive customer testimonials that will influence your goal and what needs to be done to generate more profit;
  • 36 words of text on a postcard can earn you $37 for every penny you spend;
  • Speak the language of any reader of your sales page. This secret weapon will make any skeptical prospect begging you to take their money.

Clear, direct, powerful.

Also think about bullet points for the list:

  • problems your product or service solves;
  • People affected by your product (“My training is for this”);
  • the qualifications of a writer or specialist;
  • Details of what your customer will receive;
  • Description of a warranty.

On this page from Gary Benciwenga’s Writing Symposium, note how he stacks the bulletins under the title.

bullet points

show profit

See this home page. Aligning single bullet in two lines:

Balls Dan Kennedy

The reader immediately knows what benefits he will get if he spends time on the site.

Of course, the blogger could have explained it all in the form of paragraphs. But would you have the courage to read all this? is unlikely.

Here your focus is directly on the chips.

You also notice that Blogger does not list the features of its site. He doesn’t tell you in detail about his marketing method.


It tells you that you are going to generate 7 digit salary starting from 0.

He ignores his productivity strategies. It tells that you will be able to do more work in less time.

therefore :

  1. Before writing your copy, make a list of all the features your site, product or service offers;
  2. Turn these features into benefits for the reader;
  3. Rank the bullet points in order of importance.

water your mouth

Let’s say you sell training that teaches private practitioners how to use the right marketing strategies to acquire more patients.

Your bullet points should pique the prospect’s curiosity.


  • 3 SEO fundamentals you must understand to always be on top of the search engine rankings;
  • How to Find and Hire Google AdWords Experts Who Really Get You Results No more wasting time and money on “fake” consultants;
  • 10 keys to a powerful website that will make potential patients irresistible to pick up their phones and request an appointment. Here and now.

You are prepared to disclose the information – provided the prospect takes their credit card and purchases the training.

keep it simple

The purpose of bullet points is to communicate information more easily. By definition, they should be short, concise, and to the point. One bullet = one idea.

How many bulletins can you use, I’d say you need at least 3 (one se for listns) and No more than 6 or 7 (for readability).

Finally, the last mistake to be avoided: repetitions at the beginning of each pill. This makes the reading less fluid, heavier, which cancels out the desired effect.

pay attention to symmetry

The symmetry here refers to the structure and length of your chips.

If your first bullet has 5 words, it will lose its power if the second is 20, and the next 30, etc. Will it scare your reader? No, but this way of writing bullet points gives a “clean” aspect to your page. It helps to develop professionalism and your credibility in the mind of the reader.

symmetrical chips

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