How to use LinkedIn’s latest features to generate more leads?

With 774 million members worldwide, LinkedIn has immense potential for you to grow and grow your business. Its latest features also provide many opportunities and can obviously help you improve the performance of your page…

LinkedIn’s latest features

video meeting via linkedin

LinkedIn also introduced a new native video meeting option for starting a video chat directly from your LinkedIn discussion thread.

You can use this feature to set up instant face-to-face video meetings with potential customers, which helps build connections and trust.

To customize local LinkedIn video meetings, send an instant meeting link or schedule a meeting for a different date.

linkedin service page

LinkedIn added service listings to freelance profiles in 2019, but recently improved its display options to optimize your online presence.

The new format of the service page emphasizes the services provided, and offers a new “review” option for displaying customer testimonials. If you don’t already know, the Services page connects you to LinkedIn members looking for your services. It allows potential customers to contact you for free, even if you’re not logged in, and helps them find you by searching for services on LinkedIn. In addition, this page allows you to receive commercial requests from LinkedIn members outside your network.

Your LinkedIn services listing can showcase your business propositions and help you reach potential customers, all for free.

To customize your LinkedIn Services page:

  • Choose up to 10 services;
  • Fill out the “Brief” section to let potential customers know what you’re offering (up to 500 characters);
  • Add a workplace – you can select your current location as well as the “I am available to work remotely” option;
  • Once you’ve set up your LinkedIn service page, select it as a post or share it in a post.

Reviews on LinkedIn Service Pages

LinkedIn recently added a new “Reviews” section to its service page options. This allows you to submit positive customer reviews, which can be another way to promote your offer. You can invite past customers to review your services, with LinkedIn initially offering 20 credits for requesting reviews through the process.

To customize your reviews on LinkedIn service pages:

  • Invite up to 20 customers to rate your services;
  • If necessary, withdraw the sent “invitation to review” and if necessary recover credit for inviting another customer instead;
  • View “Service Page Notification Status” to manage your notification invites. You can also send them a message to remind them of the review request or to withdraw the invitation.

lead generation through linkedin

Lead generation is obviously important to your business. This allows your website to generate more traffic, which can lead to further conversion of leads found into customers. This increases the conversion rates and thus helps a business to earn huge profits.

With these new features and updates on LinkedIn, prospects will be able to find exactly what they need online. In your favor, you can present your products or services more easily and demonstrate your strengths over your competition.

So when a prospect discovers their need and your page grabs their attention, the chances of a conversion automatically increase. LinkedIn thus provides new opportunities to generate leads. It’s up to you to jump at these opportunities.

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