How to use it to boost your conversions?

In 2023, nearly 87% of marketing experts say they want to incorporate web personalization into their strategy. Customizing your website’s interface according to visitors’ needs and preferences impacts a number of KPIs, including conversion rates…

web personalization The process of dynamic optimization of your website content Based on the behavior, preferences or past behavior of the user.

The goal of this technique is Create a Unique Shopping Experience For each customer every time they visit your website. Users will receive the best offers or information at the right time, making the buying process as simple as possible, which affects turnover. This allows you to earn up to 40% more income than the competition.

Even though the overall structure and layout of a website remains the same, there is a slight variation visible to each user, depending on the audience segment they belong to. These segments can contain several pieces of information about each buyer: location, pages viewed, interests, habits, age, etc.

Improve customer experience with web personalization

It is therefore clear that web personalization is particularly effective Improve customer experience. Furthermore, we know that 91% of consumers choose brands that personalize the shopping experience with relevant offers and recommendations for where to shop. At the same time, 74% say that they get frustrated when they make a purchase from a non-personalized website.

Additionally, nearly 60% of users expect to see personalized interactions on sites.

Personalized content is therefore a good way to retain your audience considering that 87% are buyers. For them, this type of content greatly influences their perception of a brand.

And once again, personalizing your website has an impact on your brand turnover: it boosts some key parameters like ROI (5 to 8 times higher), bounce rate, and conversion rate.

Customer Experience Web Personalization

In digital marketing, multiple segmentation criteria provide a relevant and accurate personalized experience to each of your site visitors. Pop-ups, chatbots, reviews… you name it!

Integrate pop-up windows

Pop-ups, while certainly a basic option, are an effective way to start customizing your website according to user behavior. In fact, their appearance on the interface of your website can be configured: after some time or through mouse movement on the screen.

Above all, they make it possible to provide information about the intentions of the visitor. This way you can quickly know his interests with respect to your offers, whether you want to reward him or not.

Specifically, you can display a pop-up window at the bottom of the page to thank the visitor for their interest and highlight products or services related to your site’s theme.

set up chatbots

Chatbots offer many possibilities for your website. Integrating chatbots into your site is excellent for providing more autonomy for visitors through their customer journey. They will benefit from a personalized, conversational and interactive experience: 41.3% of them also use them to make their purchases.

Also use them to generate leads as a form of customer service or to provide accurate information/directions to users. To ensure the effectiveness of this tool, configure it so that it follows conditional logic to provide relevant answers to users.

Additionally, with the current popularity of chatbot technologies such as ChatGPT, chatbots are becoming increasingly important in improving your website conversions in 2023.

Display relevant reviews

This other solution also makes it possible to strengthen your site’s popularity: 60% of consumers believe the number of reviews on a platform is important in helping them make a decision.

But how do you personalize your website experience with reviews?

Of course, you have to work on your opinion. Creating customer reviews for personalization purposes is not recommended.

In theory, there’s not much you can do about the quality of your reviews, but you can get reviews regularly to collect as many reviews as possible.

Once you have a large selection of genuine reviews, select them by rating, language, product or profile and present them to relevant visitors.

Personalization Web Notice

What to do before optimizing your site?

Now you know what to do to do web personalization, although it’s too early to start. Before taking action, being well prepared requires a few steps to solidify the shopping experience.

fix bugs on your site

Certain parameters like slow loading, glitches or recurring bugs of your site will not be fixed by web personalization. So you should make sure to improve them yourself to facilitate the experience of the visitors to your site.

Optimize User Experience

Also focus on techniques to ease the user experience. You can use various tools such as analytics, user testing, heatmaps or surveys to identify areas of your site where customers often encounter issues.

Display quality content in strategic locations

Since users do not have the possibility to physically handle your products, they must rely on the content you provide (text, photos, videos, etc.) to decide whether or not to make their purchase.

Therefore, make sure that the product page displays:

  • High resolution images with different shots;
  • complete and accurate description that can answer possible questions and criticisms;
  • Opinions of real customers who express their point of view about the product.

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