How to take advantage of the boom in online education in China?

Today I’ll cover a hot topic: education and the online boom in China. I had already spoken about it before, but ever since the covid crisis in China, education is changing…

Importance of education for Chinese

From 1.4 billion people make up the Chinese population, more 230 million of them are children who need education.

education is 1 priority of Chinese parents, In this country where the “one child” policy reigns, many people are ready to give their best for that child.

Success, prestige and a good, comfortable lifestyle. This is what drives the Chinese to guarantee the best for their child through quality education.

TookEducation in China is not limited to children, it affects adults as well. Some want to resume their studies to change careers, some entrepreneurs want to supplement their stuff, some are also very hungry for all kinds of knowledge.

Thousands of people are affected, and all deserve to be able to take the courses of their choice.

education for many reasons Online – literally “online” – would be a very good solution in many cases.

Now everything that can be done online is considered convenient. Like the democratization of social networks, online education is becoming a trend.

Education is one sector that has not been spared from digitization, and it is since 2008 that it has been evolving online.

Today, online education in China is experiencing a stage of immense development. If they were 100 million Chinese to join in 2016, They already had over 330 million registered by the end of 2020.

If you want to teach Chinese people how can you take advantage of it?

Here are some tips for getting started in China

#1 Take care of your reputation

Education is about the trust that must be gained from the parents (elsewhere in China). That’s why you have to convince Chinese parents that your lessons are beneficial to their child. Prove that even though it lacks a “serious” face-to-face study framework, you are doing everything you can to ensure your students’ success. And this, even from afar.

Highlight your certificates, your sponsors, your successes. Having the media talking about you also builds the prestige and reputation of an online school, app or institution.

The Chinese must be prepared to trust you and your classes. Take care of your image to ensure a quality investment.

For example, VIPKIDS, the startup that dominates education in English for children. They feature testimonials from happy moms and videos that show how the online classes are going.

#2 Prove your proficiency

Do you already have experience in the field? Have you had students before?

Make profile presentations, share interesting and relevant content: Introduce your alumni and what they have become today.

The goal here is to attract Chinese students to your services.

The Chinese are skeptical. Lots of scams exist, and they want to make sure the school they choose is the right one for their child before committing.

#3 Play digital cards

you are going to teach Online, You are at the forefront of digital technology. That too must be proved. Let us tell you, the battle of customers in China is being fought online. To attract Chinese parents, you need to be good at digital communication.

Be exclusively present on Chinese social networks:

  • WeChat: You need to have an official account, publish interesting content;
  • Baidu: Chinese Google;
  • Doyin (TikTok): Stop by to post educational videos.

PRead details on digital strategies here,

For example, VIPKIDS has 7 official Wechat accounts and 1 Weibo account.

Prove to the people of the Middle Kingdom that they don’t have to worry about your adaptation to the country, and that you’ll be able to communicate with them almost instantly, even without physical contact.

#4 Be present

For example, MailSciences, a UK-born company that entered China, offers distance chemistry courses with educational chemistry videos. I think it’s great, and it shows Chinese parents that the company is an expert in “science.”

Stay in the sights.

Creating an account on the No. 1 Chinese microblogging site Weibo is not enough. You have to publish, and that daily. For example, MailScience has 30,000 followers on Weibo and every day many questions are asked from parents.

Build loyalty among Chinese Internet users.

Take their interest, invite them to register with you.

Be responsive and above all dynamic.

Nothing is more appealing when you imagine a course taught from afar by an old teacher who is hard to listen to. Conversely, if your lessons seem fun and out of the ordinary, you earn points.

#5 Bondage

If you have ever studied in China, you would know that teachers have a special relationship with their students. They often link their teachers’ accounts to the No. 1 messaging service in China: WeChat.

If they have any concerns or questions regarding a course, they will be able to contact you more easily.

There is a notion of respect, but also of trust.

#6 Offer options

It is great to give live lessons every day from 10 am to 12 noon. But if your students have busy professional or personal lives, they will love the choice of slots.

The best part is that they would love to have the pre-recorded lessons as shared videos which they can watch whenever they want.

The same goes for courses: the more areas of study you offer, the more people you will attract.

#7 Hire Mandarin-speaking staff

Yes, it may sound simple, but it can also make all the difference. It’s great if you have a perfect command of English, so that’s just a plus for you. But it’s not always enough if you want to manage sugar moms who have thousands of questions.

Already when you won’t be able to see your students physically face-to-face, you can understand yourself as best as possible. Speak their language. They will only feel closer to you, and it will be easier to understand.

#8 Be generous and creative

The Chinese like to feel valued, as everyone else will tell me.

Provide them with materials to take their education in the best possible conditions. This can be a headset or a tablet, for example, to follow the courses offered.

A gift is always a pleasure.

And good content will also prove to be a good lesson and special attention for the members.

do you have any questions ? the explanation? Feel free to leave a comment,

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