How to Take Advantage of Mobile Advertising Opportunities: White Paper

Did you know that 1.75 billion people used smartphones in 2014, including 30.5 million people in France? Some analysts also predict that in the near future, connections made on mobile will outnumber computers. All I have to say is that, if you haven’t taken care of mobile yet, it’s time to get started! Quantcast, which previously published a white paper on real-time advertising, today brings us a new white paper on mobile advertising. Titled “How to Take Advantage of Mobile Advertising Opportunities”, it is free to download. Presentation in the rest of this article…

In 2014, advertisers praised mobile advertising, investing 448 million euros, or more than 80% compared to 2013. With the number of pages viewed on mobile (+66% compared to 2013), the mobile market is becoming increasingly essential for advertisers. And it’s not going to stop…

The white paper proposes to explore the landscape of mobile advertising to highlight various solutions and technologies. With increasingly larger formats (tablets, phablets, etc.), ads are adapting to offer richer and more interactive content!

Thus you will find:

  • mobile trends and the market it represents;
  • Main mobile ad formats;
  • Best practices for launching your campaigns;
  • The truth about some of the biases associated with mobile marketing;
  • The Basics of Running an Effective Mobile Campaign.

The white paper is very easy to read, it will allow you to quickly get an overview on the subject.

All you have to do is click below to download the white paper edited by Quantcast.


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