How to start on Tiktok to get into digital marketing?

With more offbeat and spontaneous content than other social networks, TikTok is on the rise. The fact that short videos promote your products, your services, your branding in a fun and interactive way ensures that you increase your sales and grow your notoriety and your e-reputation in a positive way. You will learn this as a component of the certification training in webmarketing in this training module “Implementing a Social Media Strategy”. But above all, you’ll undeniably bring freshness to your social media strategy without releasing a substantial budget…

Why use TikTok for your business?

These numbers speak for themselves: The global turnover of this medium is expected to reach 9.4 billion dollars in 2022 and 29.6 million euros in 2021 in France.

The secret of Tiktok?

This social platform imposes itself directly on consumers by providing them with innovative and entertaining content Short videos between 3 and 60 seconds long, 100% in the format of stories (video 9:16th). A type of short and impactful content to use in community management to generate fast engagement, promote your brand and hence develop your digital strategy.

Besides, 167,000 videos are viewed every minute on this marketing tool, According to Statista. And In France, 4 million users use it daily for more than an hour.compared to 48 minutes worldwide.

tiktok digital marketing

Essential Strategies on TikTok

Being on TikTok is one thing, offering them to users as part of your digital marketing strategy is another. It goes through various marketing practices keeping in mind the TikTok algorithm.

The Presence of an Influencer: Betting on Influence Marketing

Influencers see stars on Tik Tok! Through their videos, they can make it easy to promote your brand and help you make the shopping journey smoother and easier Develop your presence on social platform. Their community of customers can be leveraged to share your products and services. A vital asset to generate more conversions and sales!

However, you need to choose an influencer that matches your audience in order to hit the bullseye. Yes, an influencer’s behavior can inspire other users who want to identify with him. If the influencer uses your hashtag, the video can go viral and attract more subscribers.

bid on tiktok for business

TikTok for Business allows you to create advertising campaigns to connect your brand with your target audience. Very easy to find new user section!
To do this, simply log in to your business account on TikTok for Business and create your ad. Then set your budget and choose the audience segment you want to target. You can even allow yourself to be swayed by TikTok’s artificial intelligence to make a mark with the right audience. Finally, select the images, title and redirect URL of your ad and start your campaign!

Ads are available on Tiktok

On TikTok, you have five different formats to help brands achieve their goals.

  • top view Makes it possible to display a 5 and 60 second video on screen as soon as a user opens the application, to highlight a brand for a day.
  • the brand takeoverNon-targeted advertising allows 5 seconds of advertising on any user’s screen when the app is opened.
  • in-feed adswhich links directly to the “For You” section, inviting the user to act for more information, purchase or even download the app!
  • hashtag challenge There is a great way to increase sales on Tik Tok. The purpose of this strategy is to encourage users to mention your hashtags in their videos. It can be effective in inviting internet users to create a video for launching any product. Thus you will move from a simple challenge to solid sales on Tik Tok on this pretext.
  • with brand influence, you can also create a filter for your image. This will allow users to share your content in augmented reality. This highly engaging service is popular with Generation Z and will position your brand as the expert on new technologies.
tiktok digital marketing

The budget required for your Shopping ads and product content

The application offers three digital marketing actions: Cost Per Click (CPC), Optimized Cost Per Click (oCPC) and Cost Per 1000 (CPM). Plan on a basic budget of $50, of course to adjust according to your marketing objectives. Some big brands end up promoting their products with campaigns worth up to $300,000! In any case, TikTok ads are known to be good conversion levers.

These are the basics to get started on TikTok, but it’s up to you to experiment, manage your editorial schedule well, update yourself on new features to follow the trends!

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