How to start a successful influencer campaign?

regarded as a medium in itself, Marketing influence has become inevitable For most advertisers…

Yet, despite being very powerful, launching an impressive campaign is not an easy task, and may not lead to success.

So how do you ensure the success of your influencer campaign?

First, you have to define what success means and therefore define your communication objective, Are you looking to sell? loved or loved you? Or all three at the same time? Because it is possible with effect.

This definition will also allow you to monitor most important indicator to achieve your goal.

Again, although it is possible to internalize the impact and launch your own campaign with your own resources, don’t forget that Managing an impressive campaign from A to Z is very complex and time consuming,

Of course you might be asking yourself, how complicated is it to collaborate with an influencer?

Let’s break down the steps of an impressive campaign:

  • Influencer search and selection;
  • Keeping in touch with collaboration and presentation of instructions;
  • The date of publication is agreed upon by the availability of the effector;
  • Negotiation because you have to define whether to remunerate the influential person;
  • Establishment of a cooperation contract;
  • Sending a product, a dedicated promotional code, a potential invitation, etc.
  • recovery of content created by the influencer (or not);
  • Conflict Management: Delivery problems, late publications, publications that were not as agreed, non-response from the influencer;
  • Analysis of campaign results without access to the influential account API (which guarantees real results);
  • Creation of campaign report with explanation of results;
  • ,

This is just an overview of the main issues associated with an influencer campaign and you can already see that this can quickly get complicated… especially since this example only takes into account one influencer.

therefore Imagine What It Takes To Manage 30 Influential PeopleWith product shipments, a tight publication date, on various social networks and, in 3 different countries.

Finally, taking all this into account real risk of fraud (fake followers, fake accounts…)

you got it, you need Equip you with the best tools to manage your influential campaign And ensure the best performance.

influence4you are The Leading SaaS-Mode Marketing Influence Platform in Europe, which will help you save time, make the best decisions and support you through all phases of your campaign.

  • Search and find the right profile with ease: Thanks to the reach of over 160,000 influencers registered on the platform.
  • Detect fraud: Consulting data of 100M profiles with integrated tool HypeAuditor, detection of fake influencers and fake followers for market reference.
  • Create a paid or unpaid campaign: Choose whether to pay influencers or not.
  • Start your campaign on all social networks: Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitch, Linkedin… Launch multi-network campaigns simultaneously to increase your visibility.
  • Benefit from all our experience: With over 5,000 campaigns operating across all sectors (fashion, gaming, sports, etc.) in 35 countries. Our experts will help you perform.
  • Free Support: Take advantage of our dedicated support in France by email or phone.

Since 2012, Influence4You combines Technology with Impact Experts And lets you manage your campaigns successfully and easily.

To learn more, visit the Influence4U website

Article written in collaboration with Influence4U

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