How to stand out from the competition on the Internet?

If you have a business on the Internet and want to stand out from the crowd and stand above them, you have come to the right place. I will explain how to stand out from the crowd and bring real value to your visitors and future customers…

Are there too many competitors in your market?

Obviously, if you want to stand out from the crowd, the work done will not be the same depending on the competitive environment. The higher the competition, the more effort it has to make to stand out.

But don’t panic! Following this article, you will see how to be successful in standing out in the shortest possible time.

Bring real value to your visitors

To know how to stand out on the Internet, you first need to know how to grab a visitor’s attention and give them value through your work. Your goal is to provide what your site visitors have come to expect from the start. Understand why people Google your query and why they visit your site.

This may sound obvious, but it is something that many people overlook and this is mainly because these people do not succeed on the internet. This will not be your case, I assure you, because you will know everything about how to be successful and how to avoid mistakes.

Produce quality content with real value

The No. 1 solution to giving yourself credibility with an audience is to produce qualitative content that brings real value to people. This example article that you are reading is here to provide you with valuable advice on how to stand out on the internet. He’s not here to sell, he’s just there to help. Know that you should not have the idea of ​​selling and earning money. Even though this undoubtedly remains a purpose, if it is the main motivation when creating your content, its virtues will be affected. Aim to provide truly value to your audience. This will help to give you a good image and build trust between you and your readers.

This content can be represented in the form of blog posts, introductory videos and so on. For the more adventurous, you can even create a YouTube channel and share your content and your passion.

Be as transparent as possible with your visitors

In order to stand out and not look messy, which confuses visitors and locks them out of your site, you need to be as transparent as possible. We need to know who you are, what motivates you and your goals.

The more transparency there is between you and the visitors, the easier it is for them to trust you.

Your goal is to be seen as a friend. This may sound strange to you, but let me explain it all to you with this example.

If you are in the street and suddenly a friend of yours comes up to you and asks you for money, we can all agree that it would be easier to agree to give him the money, the money will be there only if he is a complete stranger.

Why ?

Just because you know your friend, you trust him and you don’t fear getting ripped off. Unlike the stranger, you know absolutely nothing about him, you don’t know what he wants to do and I still don’t know why he is asking you for money. So you’re going to refuse for safety’s sake.

So your goal is to be seen as a friend. Your visitors should trust you and not be afraid to buy from you. This is the way to stand out from the crowd.

Be consistent and reach the first Google search page in your market category

To keep you ahead of the competition by getting regular visitors to your site, you must first aim for a Google search page, as this page represents 80% of total search traffic. In addition, therefore you lose these 80% of potential traffic to your site.

To reach this first page, you have to be patient and prepare content regularly. Google bots must read your content to know where you rank in Google searches. For Google, the more optimized content you have with good SEO and the right keywords, the faster you will be featured.

Know that this depends on your domain and your niche, but you should expect to be well promoted after 4 to 8 months on the French-speaking internet with regular and well-optimized content publishing. It is a process that is equally slow, but which will give you significant results in the end.

in short

In short, to know how to stand out from the crowd, you need to:

  • take into account the level of competition in your area;
  • Bring value to visitors through your content;
  • Publish quality content (blogs and video articles) regularly;
  • Try to be a friend of the visitor by creating an area of ​​trust with him;
  • be as transparent as possible with visitors so as not to appear suspicious and dangerous;
  • Get to the first Google search page in your category to receive 80% of total search traffic.

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