How to Sell Better on Your Website in 2022?

You have an e-commerce site and don’t see your sales booming? Developing a site requires reflection, and thinking of a solid marketing strategy is undoubtedly essential! By reading this article, you will be able to learn about the possible mistakes and how to fix them while developing your online store. Thus you will be able to get a more enlightened view of the sales on your website…

Analysis of its 2021 results

First you have to analyze your statistics for the year 2021:

  • How many sales do you make on average per month?
  • What is your best selling product?
  • Do you have repeat customers? If so, which pages do they visit?

There are a lot of questions you can ask yourself to get a first look at your results.

In addition, it is necessary to have an Analytics account to follow the statistics and development of your website. This will allow you to:

  • Know from which platform your customers come to your site;
  • Know pages with high bounce rates;
  • Get an overview of the terrain of your visitors (their country, their city, etc.);
  • accurately determine the pages that do not “match”;
  • Avoid high bounce rates.

When a visitor comes to your website, they should be interested and your page should respond to their intent. If not, they will leave your site to look elsewhere, and that will increase your bounce rate. You probably wouldn’t want your customer to go to your competitor?

To avoid a high bounce rate, here are some tips:

  • Every landing page has to meet a certain demand: Search intent is at the heart of SEO in 2022! you can not miss it. If you do not respect the intent of Internet users, Google puts you forward, then the results of the analysis will be disastrous;
  • Creating Quality Content: It’s one thing to allow Internet users to quickly find what they’re looking for, but they still need access to quality content. Highlight your expertise on your web pages, and don’t hesitate to create multiple pages related to the same topic (without duplicating its content). You must be an expert in your subject, so tackle it thoroughly.

Want More Tips?

Don’t hesitate to read 5 Tips to Lower Your Bounce Rate!

Build a designed and modern site

In order to build a strong brand and keep internet users interested in your content, it is important to create a unique and professional design. Creating a design site allows you to draw your Internet user around a coherent graphic universe from which you want to read your page. The color, style of writing or even the layout also has a significant impact on the conversion rate.

In order for your graphics to work on your site, I recommend you:

  1. Create a model of your website before developing it;
  2. Create beautiful color schemes;
  3. Use an easily readable design font;
  4. Take an interest in CSS (and don’t just rely on WP themes).

If you have control over the design of your site, you will be able to present your products with a great user experience.

show discount

Setting up an online shopping system will be enough to start your first sale, but you can go even faster by offering discounts.

For example, it’s very easy to create a coupon on WordPress and embed it on your site. By the way, all imaginable settings are possible with Coupons. Here’s what you can do:

  • show a discount from a certain purchase amount;
  • Set up a promo system that you reveal on social networks;
  • Register a code for a limited time (for example, the -20% promo code is only valid for 72 hours);
  • Encourage your customers to buy more products by giving them a total discount on the cart, depending on the number of products purchased.

You don’t have a discount system? Or you just don’t want to set one up? There is also the possibility of creating packs containing different products. This is a great way to package an offer and provide your customer with an overall reduction on their purchase.

work on seo

SEO and SEA are referencing levers that can be used to sell your site.

Having SEO strategies (local, advertising or international), you will be able to develop your business on the Internet a little more.


Thanks to SEO, you will be able to be visible on search engines and especially on Google.

Here are some tips to increase your sales in 2022 with an SEO strategy:

  • Take care of your content;
  • A good <शीर्षक> write tags;
  • Sell ​​your product in a meta description;
  • Add structured data (product images, customer reviews, price brackets, etc.);
  • Work on the main image of your product (quality image, not blurry, product really highlighted).

In addition, Webmarketing & Co. provides a thorough training oriented on the natural context. After you train with them, you won’t be able to miss it anymore.


You can also make a lot of money by starting an advertising campaign! However, you should consider the “risk” factor and minimize it as much as possible. To do this, establish long-term marketing strategies.

SEA is also used for other strategies, for example:

  • You can “test” an ad campaign before getting serious about SEO;
  • This will allow you to know if your product is actually selling;
  • You can create ads not only for your product sheets, but also for any type of content (quote request form, landing page, comparison page). The choice will depend on the keywords you want to target.

improve user experience

User experience is an important factor in enriching the reach of your content and your site in general. Here are some tips to improve your user experience:

  • Do not change the mouse cursor on your site, it is very “annoying”;
  • Improve performance (optimization of loading times, implementation of a cache system.) Your site needs to load quickly!
  • Develop transition animations when hovering over a button or link;
  • Create a simple menu, the structure of your site should be easy to understand.

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Kevin Bendelhak: Professional Graphic Designer, Company Representative of K-Grafiste


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