How to Sell Anything in 11 Easy Steps [2/2]

Did you take the time to read and integrate the first part? Let’s go, you will start feeling profit in your business very soon. We go straight to the following steps…

6. Bullet Point

you get there…

Famous bullet points.

Phrases that turn prospects into customers.

what is that ? This is simply a description of your offer, but presented in a specific way.

it looks like this:

On these bullet points I wrote, we can see that I change the content of my customer’s product in a way that makes him jealous, creating curiosity in the prospect of motivating him to buy and discover the product. Ho.

There are many twists of bullet points, I have my favorites and I will be writing an article on them soon.

Please note that the bullet points mentioned above are suitable for training or as an online product.

When you sell a physical product, it’s different, it’s better to talk about the tangible benefits of the product, which set it apart from the competition.

if the problemIis painful for me, the features of the product are not important, it is not,That’s not what your prospect wants to hear. always talk to him about the benefitsSpeed.

Example for deodorant:

  • Permanently remove your rings, whatever the color of your T-shirt;
  • You no longer see the face of beautiful women in the subway, because you smell strong;
  • Stays dry and attractive for up to 48 hours…


If the benefits are not so convincing, because the product is not necessarily a tempting product…

Example: boxer shorts

You can count on the fact that it is made of natural and durable materials, that the comfort is incredible, that your parts breathe even in the hottest of moments.

You can sell anything with copywriting.

7. Guarantee

Yes, I know, warranties are scary.

If you’re afraid that tiny parasites will take advantage of it, consume all of your product before you run out of guarantees.

Pests will always be there, everywhere, and whatever you do.

But if you compare it to the number of people who will dare to buy your product, to the new customer who will find you with this product, who will like it and who will buy it again later…

Is it really worth ittrust me.

Let me tell you and I’ll say it again: Confidence is the key, your prospect must have confidence to buy.

The more confident he feels, the less risk he’ll appear to be taking, the more you sell.

Write your guarantee in your sales page, explain that you trust your product and that you leave t time to test the product.

clink, clink, You will experience the melodious sound of Stripe Notifications.

8. Wrong Solution

False solutions are those that your reader has tried before discovering your product, and therefore, the answers to all their questions.

This is another way to show your prospect that you know their position, and gain their trust.

Example for crypto training:

You tried to understand the markets on your own, but you kept getting bogged down in fake news…

You tried to join Telegram channels run by scammers…

You tried to train yourself on YouTube, but no one says that…

You understand the principle. Find fake solutions for your theme, put your pen in there and add everything to your page!

9. Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ will rest at the end of the sales page to break down all the brakes on your potential customer’s purchase and reassure him or her as much as possible. Here is a sample of frequently asked questions:

  • it’s very expensive ;
  • I do not have time ;
  • It’s not going to work for me;
  • Why pay with all the free information on the Internet?
  • How long will I have access to training?
  • ,

In short, you take all the questions your sales page comes up with, and you answer them. Bus. Your prospect will no longer have an excuse not to make a purchase, Especially if we follow…

10. Conclusion

It is important to end on a high note. Strengthen your prospect by adding a layer of emotion and visualization. He now has all the information about your product, remind him briefly at the end of the pitch and ask him where he will be in a year:

Where will you be in a year?

Tell him about life with your proposal (in 1 or 2 sentences).

Tell him about life without your proposal (in 1 or 2 sentences).

This question is wonderful. This allows you to remember the profit gained and the problem solved to tame your prospect till the end.

11. Urgency

FOMO: Does this mean anything to you?

Fear of missing out: Fear of missing out on opportunities.

We all procrastinate, and the same goes for your prospect, so you absolutely have to give them a good reason to buy now.

All you have to do is explain to him that he is facing a unique opportunity and if he misses, he will bite his fingers.

Add only one time-limited promotion, or multiple coupons, valid only for the first X to take action. Man buys with emotion and then rationalizes.

Find an excuse to promote: Whether it’s for Valentine’s Day or your birthday, any excuse is good and your prospects are looking forward to it anyway.

However, be careful not to always put the same product on sale: Varies according to your catalog – Otherwise you risk losing credibility.


I let you integrate all of its principles once again and I count on you to apply them, not just read passively. Even if you don’t have a product to sell, the best way to learn and understand it is by practicing. Strength.

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Lucien Lavaure: Lucien aka Capitaine Copy, copywriter specializing in infopreneurs. I boost your sales without attacking your prospects with your friendly text. Join L’popée to receive my best advice on sales and business in general.


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