How to Sell Anything in 11 Easy Steps [1/2]

You have a great product, but you don’t know how to sell it? Have you already read and consumed many articles I don’t know how many YouTube videos there are but no one ever tells you the same thing? Don’t worry, I am here to help you. In the following lines, You’ll discover the only 11 steps you need to really sell anything in any theme. This is a real collection of the best you can find on the internet…

These 11 moves are based on the human psychological lever, at this point it’s no longer sales, but downright science.

It’s all here, everything is hot and just for you.

Trust me, read, apply and cash in.

we have left.

1. Title

No wonder, we start from the beginning.

Your title is an absolutely primary element, it is the first thing your reader will notice about your product and should directly understand whether it is made for him or not, what problems your product solves and what results it promises does.

To have an impressive and selling headline (without looking like a charlatan), here’s what I (strongly) recommend you use in your headline:

  • a tangible advantage;
  • One problem solved;
  • a number.

With these 3 elements, you can OBLIG . HuhI for sale.

Look, let’s take 3 classic examples:

  • In Marketing: Write well-ordered emails to launch a product (profit), zero in French (problem), 7 types of email (number).

7 Magic Emails That Will Delight Your Banker and Scare Your Accountant, Even If You Don’t,never wrote anything.

  • In sports: Moms’ measure to lose weight (gain) / in 30 days (numbers) / even if not athletic (problem).

find your line,In Just 30 Days Elapsed, Even If You Don’t,Haven’t played sports since high schoolI.

  • In seduction: in the street approach (advantage), shy (problem), 3 steps (number).

themSimple 3-Step Method to Take the Count of All Girls Passing by, Even if You’re Shy and You Don’t,Don’t trust yourself.

As you can see, it is not very complicated, on the contrary, it is even more simple. However, most marketers bang their heads with far-fetched formulas or obscure techniques.

They Forget What Really Sells: The Basics Ladies and gentlemen, the basics…

2. Pain

It’s (still) very simple.

You write what your chances are, you rub the knife into the wound, press where it hurts.

Why did I suddenly become sadomasochistic?

Because that’s what sells, that’s what your prospect needs to listen to before buying your product, to fully understand that it’s you who needs them and no one else.

By focusing on these current problems (to which your product responds), you’ll show him that they are really serious and that he needs to have the means to solve it himself if he wants to move on.

It also allows you to show your reader that you know what he is doing and, therefore, to create empathy, sympathy for him. He will start to feel that this sales page is made just for him.

Plus, seeing that you’re really into what he’s doing, and seeing that you made it, will reinforce his desire to buy from you and from you alone.

An example on one of the sales pages written by the excellent Theo Rossi:

Once you’ve done that, let’s be clear: You have your reader off the balls.

He’ll literally be glued to his screen and wonder “where are the hidden cameras”

in my room”.

And once you’ve shown him you were like him (if that’s really the case), you move on to drawing the dream.

3. Visualization

In continuation of what you have already done excellently (yes I hope you apply at the same time), you will give your prospect an idea of ​​how great his life will be with your product, the desire you already have. Thank you for what it is.

It is absolutely essential that your prospect feels a pleasant warmth in the lower abdomen, that they say to themselves “Finally, that’s all, I found the solution, my life is about to change”

Mention the benefits of your product by giving examples, concrete situationsIYours.

Above all, don’t hold back, showcase your product in the best possible light, highlight it and above all don’t say “yes my product is good, buy now”

A great theory of copywriting states: “Show, don’t tell”

Translation: Show instead of tell. (Or a picture is worth a thousand words)

Example for a training that teaches how to sell:

Benefit: You’ll sell more.

Visualization: Imagine… you wake up in the morning, in a beautiful Spanish Airbnb where you spend the winter. You pick up your phone: 6 people bought your product while you were sleeping… €1436 collected while you were sleeping.

You look up and you see that it’s 10 o’clock already, but you don’t care, you have a business that’s going well and no one is waiting for you in the office, etc.

Visualization is a very important step, because the brain doesn’t separate the truth from the untrue, it interprets what you imagine as the real. Your prospect will really feel this change deep inside her and will be waiting for only one thing: place an order.

Don’t hesitate to be very specific, get him to envision how the main benefit of your product will improve his life. You will be surprised at the result.

4. Reliability

Imagine, it’s 8 p.m. on your first date, and you’re facing an alleyway with two restaurants facing each other. One of them boasts all kinds of hand-won prizes and expertise passed down from generation to generation, the other just uncovered.

Which would you choose to make sure not to disappoint your potential victory?


It shows the power of credibility and how convincing it will be to your prospect. This will allow him to make sure that you are not the first person and that you know what you are talking about, thereby positioning you as a real expert.

Above all, your prospect must be to trust you To buy your product, he has never seen you and does not know you. Show him that you are the one for him.

Add testimonials to your page, ask your customers for them or just show your results. Prove your expertise.

On the other hand, if you don’t have experience yet, say so clearly, and explain why you feel legitimate selling your product.

Example: I took intensive training and have a keen interest in this subject for many months. I’m like you, but I’ve slowly developed a solid method that works.

That’s it, simple and effective for this point.

5. Offer Details

Yes, you will notice that at the moment, we still haven’t talked about your product.

At this point on the sales page, your reader is mad and furious to learn what you’re cooking them for.

So you will be able to present what it is, and how it changes your life.

Example with a sales page I wrote (product name modified for privacy):

so what are you waiting for?

Define your proposal, explain how it will change and move your reader’s life.

I think this article is already long (especially when you know the average attention rate), and I don’t want to overload you with information.

That’s why I leave you the time to digest and integrate what I’ve given you here.

This is huge value and can already increase your sales significantly.

more in another article

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