How to save as much time as possible and find peace for your publications on social networks?

Today more than ever, being present in the digital world involves creating a lot of content, whether for your website or your social network. These materials make it possible to improve its online visibility, show its expertise to prospects, inform and retain its customers…

Like your competitors, you want to join the race by creating and publishing as much content as possible. But managing your online presence is a time-consuming activity that can quickly become a burden if the process is not done.

I share with you here method Organization in order to save as much time as possible for your publications on social networks. she will make you win ability and in peace,

Principle 1: Optimize the production of content for your publications on the network

Optimize your content production

How not to withstand the pressure of social networks and get tired of producing quality content every day to the detriment of your company’s activity?

Solution: Prepare the Contents in advanceFor the week, 2 weeks or for the coming month.

I’m of course talking about predictable content here, such as announcing the launch of a new product, a new menu or a new collection, or sharing an important moment for the company. Note that this does not prevent you from leaving room for spontaneity by adding to your publications already planned, your inspirational posts of the day or current events.

Tip 1: Work in “Batches”

But how do you create all this content without spending hours on it?

The most efficient way is working in “batch”.

what does this mean ?

it is Group similar tasks at the same time, to process a limited amount of time.

  • Tasks are said to be similar because they use the same means and resources to perform.
  • Time limits are set in order to avoid spreads and thus be more efficient.

How does this work in practice?

Let’s break down the steps for creating a post:

  1. find a topic
  2. Look for information to support your point
  3. create a scene
  4. write post text
  5. Set post day and time

The method involves following these construction steps but working on multiple positions at the same time. Then the sequence is as follows:

  1. a period of time devoted to strategic thinking Find topics relevant to your target customer,
  2. Then, the period of doing deep research of information For all the subjects already selected. At this stage, you hone your skills of analysis and synthesis.
  3. Then, dedicated time Creating all the scenes, Which will allow you to express all your creativity.
  4. Finally, a period of concentration, your writing skills will be needed to summon Writing of all posts.
  5. Then follows a period dedicated to Plan In your publications, invoking your skills in communication strategy. This step will allow you to create your own editorial calendar.

Grouping tasks that require similar skills and use similar equipment will allow you to:

  • a significant time saver
  • Energy Saving
  • Better production quality due to optimum concentration

Note that the batching method can be applied to the production of other content such as blog articles, white papers or newsletters.

Tip 2: Create a posting routine

But how do I find all these post ideas to always be interested in my personality?

AIDA Method Your partner is there for the production of your content. It is based on the following 4 pillars:

  • IsAttention: to attract attention
  • Iinterest: arouse interest
  • DDesire: To want you
  • IsAction: To take action (= purchase of your products/services)

In addition to business information about your products or services, you must share more With your readers: for example information about your company, your customers or your field of activity.

it is also important humanize By talking backstage at your company (key moments, anecdotes, roadblocks), its values, its employees and its partners.

to see to inspire, make you think And to give advice your audience (suggestions, article sharing), as well as To entertaindo it Laugh at where smileI’amazed (contests, surveys).

You can create your editorial calendar by optional subject for your post.

For example :

  • something new about your products/services;
  • a tip;
  • Behind the scenes information of the company;
  • a survey ;
  • News from your industry.

your customers will appreciate it Diversity And feel like part of your adventure.

Do not hesitate to consult the following article to find ideas:

Social Media and Marketing Calendar 2022: Build your next marketing campaign

Tip 3: Think about recycling

How not to constantly find new topics on which you can express yourself?

Consider reusing:

  • Your old material (Proprietary Media): For example, topics that you have covered as blog articles, and which have yielded good results, can be used to create multiple posts on your network;
  • Content provided by your customers (Acquired or Shared Media): Photos or comments your customers send you or customer reviews posted on Google.

Tip 4: Create a Visual Template

How not to always find new visuals to build on your posts?

With tools like Canva, you can create your own post templates (templates) that you can reuse over and over again.

Your own templates can be created from a blank page or by using templates offered by the tool and which you can customize.

To build your models, you would use all Elements of your graphic charter : your color scheme, your fonts and your brand code (your logo or special graphics you use all the time). That way, by alternating the colors of your palette, you’ll be able to generate different versions of your template, all tailored to your identity.

For each post type, you will create one or more templates.

For example :

  • an infographic in the form of a carousel for informative posts;
  • A text with a picture in the background for a publication related to your field of activity;
  • A screenshot on a colored background for customer review.

Which tools to use?

My favorite tool for saving a list of my post ideas, aggregating my research results, and creating my editorial calendar an assumption,

For building different scenes and building models, my reference is can go,

Lastly, for writing posts, I recommend Notion or Canva (using the comment attached to each scene).

Principle 2: Schedule the distribution of your publications on social networks

Schedule the delivery of your content

Your publications for the coming weeks or months are ready and your editorial calendar is set up.

From there:

  • Either you decide to publish scheduled posts on a daily basis, manually, perhaps across multiple networks, at the best time for your personality (which may not be the best time for you). But it will still ask you to make time for it and force you to interrupt your activity;
  • either you use programming To free your mind from the daily hassle of publishing on the network and to allow you to focus on your core business.

I think the choice is very clear.

For advice about the best programming times depending on the social network used, visit the article:

When should you post on social media?

Which tools to use?

For post programming, there are various tools available to you. Your choice has to be made according to your needs (the number of social networks you are on, the number of accounts you manage) and your budget.

  • Free Tools: Meta Business Suite (Facebook and Instagram), LinkedIn (Scheduling feature coming soon);
  • Freemium Offers: Hootsuite, Buffer, Later;
  • Payment Tools: Agorapulse, Swallow, Canva Pro. To see if your activity justifies their use.


As Bill Gates already said at the dawn of the Internet, on the web and on social networks, “content is king”. And that’s unlikely to be denied with the next update to Google’s algorithm (Helpful Content Update), which will expose more original and useful content written by people to the masses.

Like any entrepreneur, your time is limited and you must focus on your core business. Thus, it is necessary for you to find and follow the method that suits you To lighten your mental load of the hassles associated with managing your online presence.

To conclude, like any method, everyone must make their own decision and adopt it, adopt it or not apply it.

Do not hesitate to share in the comments your tips to save as much time as possible managing your social network.

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