Do you regularly use long voice messages on WhatsApp? This new feature should please you! The application has launched a new update to increase the speed of reading voice messages …

voice message on whatsapp

WhatsApp has two ways to record voice messages:

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  • Push: Press and hold the microphone button to record short messages;
  • Talk: To record long messages using the hands-free option, open an individual or group chat, click the microphone icon and swipe up to lock the hands-free recording.

Short listening time for long voice messages

The fast read function speeds up the message for the recipient, which can reduce the listening time for long voice messages.

WhatsApp’s Fast Reading feature can change the reading speed between the default 1x, at 1.5x speed or at 2x speed without changing the sound of one’s voice.

  • When you press Play on Voicemail, you’ll see that the playback speed appears, which is set to 1x by default;
  • Then touch Speed ​​to increase the speed to 1.5x or 2x;
  • To finish, simply press Run.