How to publish and display 4K images on mobile?

Want to tweet high resolution images? Good News ! Twitter announced the ability to publish and display 4K images on Android and iOS…

Last March, Twitter announced that it had tested a new feature for downloading and viewing 4K images on Android and iOS. It’s official, he’s been online since last week.

While the desktop version of the social network already supports high-resolution images up to 4096 x 4096 pixels, the mobile app has always been limited to half that, which is no longer the case!

How to display high resolution images on Twitter via iOS and Android?

  1. Go to “Settings and Privacy”;
  2. Tap on “Data Usage”;
  3. Activate “High quality images”.
  • Go to “Settings and Privacy”;
  • Tap “Data Usage”;
  • Enable “High quality uploads”.

Just to give you an idea, higher quality image download means more data hogging. So, if your data plan is limited, it can be used up quite quickly. So consider an unlimited data plan.

Content is king. And the image on Twitter?

For many years, the battle for online marketing has been “Content is King!” has been ”, and this is still true to some extent. Long articles have increased readership and are being shared far more than short articles, and the trend of intense writing that engages and entertains readers across multiple pages is on the rise. However, if content is king, then images are emperor. Or whom you would consider above the king!

Indeed, there are few things in social networks more important than photos. They are powerful, they attract attention and they are at the heart of the message. Photos are more than just a picture, they all contain the message you want to share.

With the advent of social media, images have become the universal language that people around the world can connect with. Simply optimize your images on social networks including Twitter. On Twitter in particular, tweets with images get three times more engagement than tweets that don’t contain any pictures. Additionally, images take up more space on the phone screen, which is especially important when more than 80% of Twitter users are on mobile.

140 characters isn’t always enough to say what you need. Using images on Twitter is a great way to say more without using up its precious character limit.

  • When subscribers are invited to retweet, the retweet rate is 23x the average
  • Tweets with hashtags get twice as much engagement as tweets without hashtags.
  • Tweets with one or two hashtags have 21% more engagement than those with three or more hashtags.

Pro Tips: One way to easily tweet images from your website or elsewhere is to use Buffer. Otherwise, to find out if you have chosen the right images, Twitter Analytics can save the day. Once you reach the homepage, Twitter will provide you with a month-by-month overview of your account activity, where you can see the top performing posts, top followers, and top tweets mentioning your nickname.

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