How to Publish and Benefit From the LinkedIn Algorithm?

Like 829 million LinkedIn users, you can rely on this platform to build links with other professionals, optimize your visibility, build customer loyalty, or even find or offer jobs. To achieve this result, you need to regularly publish content there, keeping in mind the peculiarities of the LinkedIn algorithm…

LinkedIn is a social network that gives top priority to the quality of your posts. Keep in mind that when you post content, it won’t immediately appear on your News Feed. It goes through several filters beforehand to determine its relevance and the quality generated. In order to be well-visited by the LinkedIn algorithm, you need to take several parameters into account.

Choose the account that best suits your goals

As a LinkedIn user, you have the option of having two accounts. One is your personal profile and the other is your professional page, as is customary on all social networks.

your personal profile

This allows you to publicize the training you followed, your professional background and the experiences you have gained and what will be your asset. Expand your profile to attract more and more visitors.

your professional page

A professional page specific to companies, giving them the opportunity to promote their activities, talk about them, and exchange with other companies. In addition, the company page also gives them the opportunity to attract prospects and retain customers, optimize brand visibility, generate traffic, and increase conversion rates.

Consider engagement rate

When deciding whether to post on LinkedIn, there are several metrics to consider, including engagement rate and stay time.

Engagement rate plays a major role in how your relationships will react when they read your articles or watch your videos. These responses and interactions testify that your contacts have an interest in your publications. That’s why they will feature prominently in your relationships news feed. But for the engagement rate to be optimal, don’t join groups that aren’t part of your professional universe and aren’t able to understand the ins and outs.

Keep Dwell Time in Mind

Regarding Dwell Time, that is, the period during which an Internet user hangs on to one of your posts, the algorithm considers that it is worthy of interest when it is long. To achieve this result, do a test that allows you to determine which audience you will have, and especially the most interactions. Select this time slot for your post.

For users to spend more time there, choose the best support. Polls allow you to capture the attention of your subscribers as well as videos or posts with more than 3000 characters. However, these should not be meaningless or over-optimized with lots of keywords that are often not directly related to the post. And still within the framework of Dwell Time, it is necessary to entice readers by playing on their emotions, or by debating the possibility of provoking conversations between clients or professional relationships. Remember that responses and comments help optimize the reach of your posts.

Avoid too intrusive posts

In order for the LinkedIn algorithm to benefit your publications, avoid publications (ads, articles or videos) that are overly intrusive, whether created by you or a third party. In fact, spam can be sent via e-mail as well as instant messaging or forums, but also via voice systems. They pollute news feeds, discussions, which have an impact on your relationship with your customers. It’s important for you to block them, as the LinkedIn algorithm may decide to do the same for your posts.

Hashtags can be useful if you use them sparingly. Make sure they relate to the topic of your article or post. Otherwise, the algorithm will penalize you. Note, however, that personal branding allows more use of hashtags to allow auto-entrepreneurs or freelancers, such as artists, among others, to promote their own brands as individuals and businesses. To engage your employees, and instill in them a sense of what is needed for the growth of your company, ask them to use hashtags that are specific to it. This positive point will be well considered by the LinkedIn algorithm.

resolve user issues

To take advantage of the LinkedIn algorithm, answer questions from members of your network. Most of them are professionals or individuals working in the same industry as you. The questions they will ask themselves will be related to your area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise. So you will be able to answer them by calling on your expertise and knowledge.

Be active on LinkedIn to demonstrate your existence

The LinkedIn algorithm prefers people who are active on the platform. So that you do not remain in oblivion, participate in discussions, comment on posts that are related to your areas of interest and that attract the largest number of readers. The goal is to encourage other professionals in your network to interact with you, an opportunity you can then seize to network. Once again, avoid filling your prospective customers or your prospective associates with unwanted commercial or advertising messages.

Prioritize content quality

When you publish quality content, free of typos or spelling mistakes, as can happen with abusive use of keywords, the community built around you gives you more credibility.

It also helps you in improving your visibility. However, your publications must be directly on the Platform, even if it is a post to talk about your business activities, the products or services you offer and whose operations you describe, for example. For greater impact, opt for the CIT method (Short, Interactive and Trend).

LinkedIn users are for the most part professionals who are always on the lookout for technological advances, but also looking for prospects or their relationship habits to adapt their offerings to demand. It is therefore essential that the content shared should go in this direction while being accessible, easy to understand and timely for as many people as possible.

Air your texts and use powerful photos to illustrate them. Don’t just talk about your expectations, your products, your company. Show that you care about your readers. Talk to them about their own interests, the goals they want to achieve. Support them in the growth of their business by providing professional to professional advice. This will have the effect of building engagement, which will actually improve the scoring of your publication.

Limit posts to once a day

On LinkedIn, a post has a limited lifetime. It only lasts for 24 hours, during which your readers will respond with likes, emojis, comments, and more. In addition, the interest it generates will diminish. To get the desired results, you need to limit your posts to once a day. If you publish more, or if you update existing articles, you will start the whole process all over again, reducing the scope.

LinkedIn is a social network that loves regularity and consistency. Don’t hesitate to invite your contacts to come to LinkedIn, you’re already on the front lines when your publication goes online. It’s a way to build bonds of trust between you and your brand, the community built around your company.

When is the best time to post on LinkedIn?

Users commonly ask the question, when is the best time to post on LinkedIn? If the minimum number of posts per day is normally earned, that is, one post per day, then that moment remains unclear. for linkedin, Tuesday and Thursday between 8am and 10am. should be preferred, however except for the fact that More than 50% users visit the platform only on Saturdays. Publishing at different times allows you to test the audience rate. And from there, you can choose the right time for your target audience.

In the end, leveraging the benefits of LinkedIn’s algorithm remains a criterion of success for your publications, but it’s not the only one. To keep your visibility lasting, show perseverance but at the same time show unfailing professionalism. Create an effective marketing strategy tailored to your goals. To do this, follow the development of the algorithm carefully and adapt your strategy accordingly. Also, stay authentic, sharing real experiences that will impress your audience more.

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