How to personalize your marketing strategy and retain your customers?

Do you want to improve your marketing strategy? Personalizing your marketing messages can be a great way to increase your sales and retain your customers…

Why Build a Personalized Marketing Experience?

E-commerce personalization is now more than just a smart marketing strategy. this is a Of course If you want to succeed in a highly competitive and agile environment. The same goes for personalized marketing messages. Users want marketing to be relevant and targeted to their interests. In addition, studies have shown that:

  • 72% of consumers engage only with marketing messages that meet their interests;
  • 90% of consumers find irrelevant messages boring;
  • 2 out of 3 consumers would prefer to buy a brand that knows their purchase history.

When customized, a personalized marketing message enhances:

For a better customer relationship thanks to a personalization policy, several criteria have to be taken into account. Customers want a message that:

  1. relevant to their interests;
  2. presents a description of the product;
  3. Contains a product they already like;
  4. Tell a story ;
  5. Stimulates emotions and makes them laugh.

How do you convert marketing messages into sales?

If most of your customers consistently ignore your messages, or flag them as spam for emails, or delete them without even opening them, it’s time to change your strategy. Do you want your customers, customers, and other target readers to click, read, and interact with your marketing message once it arrives in your inbox? These 3 marketing tools will allow you to create personalized messages:

  • advertising email
  • SMS Marketing
  • personalized notifications

advertising email

In email marketing, personalization increases click-through rates by 41%. Email advertising is one of the strategies for optimizing the personalization of your emails. For this :

  • Add a first name to the subject of your email : This increases the chances of opening by 20%, while reducing the unsubscribe rate by 17%. Also remember to make your email mobile-friendly by limiting your subject to 25-30 characters;
  • Create dynamic content based on data about your audience : Customize personalization by segmenting email audiences by demographics, behavior, and location. Pro Tip: Target dynamic content to customers at different stages of the sales funnel.
  • Send emails triggered by behavior : They are sent when users take a certain action and have 70.5% higher open rates than other emails. You can encourage viral growth by encouraging users to share congratulatory emails on social media.
  • Highlight missed purchase opportunities : If a user has left a product in their cart, send them a reminder email with a picture and a link to encourage them to buy. Also consider a traceable coupon so the user receives an email-attached discount offer.

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is more personal than other forms of marketing channels. Here’s how to send valuable SMS messages and optimize your marketing strategy:

  • Welcome new active users with a freebie or discount : send them a welcome text message informing them that they have received an email to guide them to your application or your site to search for and purchase your products. Create a uniquely generated coupon code so that only customers can get a special offer.
  • reply to sms Text messages have a response rate of 45%, so you should plan when users will respond to your marketing text messages. Invest in a two-way SMS platform that sends automated responses.
  • Send order confirmation and delivery updates via SMS : Customers prefer to receive order status alerts, booking confirmations and appointment reminders via SMS. If there is a problem with the order, include your help desk information in the delivery text message.

personalized notifications

Send personalized notifications to create an efficient user journey that adds value and fosters brand loyalty.

  • Use predefined templates to present interesting user data : Create a compelling and shareable story by highlighting milestones in the app as users enjoy sharing data about them. Promote a hashtag that users can tag when sharing to create a collective moment.
  • Create a Personalized Integration Path : Welcome new customers with a friendly welcome message or a quick tutorial that introduces you to the key features of your app. Also make the exit option visible so that users can exit the onboarding process
  • Send personalized messages to loyal users : Target daily active users with special rewards or discounts to shop or refer friends. Avoid frustrating users by making the redemption process simple and transparent.

Based on this data and following these tips, you can consistently create and develop targeted marketing campaigns.

Source: Clavertap

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