How to optimize your social media strategy with Pinterest?

Do you want to optimize your marketing strategy through Pinterest? The platform has unveiled new tips for pin designers, beginners or experienced…

5 Top Tips for Connecting with People on Pinterest

The first article in the series provides several tips on how you can grow your audience on Pinterest.

1. Create New Content Every Week

The more content you create, the more likely you are to be discovered. In this new guide, Pinterest specifically notes that brands should be looking to create new Idea Pins each week to increase their presence and increase brand awareness. Idea Pins, one of the latest additions to Pinterest, are another way to increase awareness and branding in the app. These actually appear at the top of the feed on each user’s home screen, and are therefore very visible.

2. Use trends to design your strategy

Pinterest’s Trends Tool is an extremely valuable resource for staying on top of the key interests of your target audience. So think about using this data to better optimize your social media strategy on Pinterest.

3. Add a Text Overlay to Your Pin

As with stories, Idea Pins have their own tools to make your Pins visually unique and impressive. The overlay of text on your Idea Pins specifically affects how they appear in search. It’s like SEO on Pinterest: If you choose the right keywords, you’ll reach more people.

4. Add Subject Tags

You can also add topic tags to your Idea Pins and Video Pins. Pinterest always recommends doing this. “Tagging a mix of topics related to your content helps your idea reach people who might be interested in the content you’re creating.”

5. Fill in all the details of your table and your profile

Always add all the details on the board and on your profile (name, description, categories of the board…) as they appear in Pinterest search results. Use clear, descriptive language to improve your search performance.

Over the years, Pinterest has become one of the most popular social networks along with Facebook and Twitter, so it would be a shame not to incorporate this growing platform into your social media strategy. In terms of social media marketing, Pinterest has a lot to offer you:

  • Lead Engagement: Pinterest makes it easy to find, interact and generate leads. This commitment will help you build a stronger bond with them and ultimately increase their loyalty;
  • Generate traffic: Since you can create beautiful pins that link directly to your website, you can take users to a specific landing page to promote your products and services, and thus drive more traffic to your website.
  • Promote Content: Pinterest is the ideal social network for your business blog to promote blog posts and increase readership;
  • Visual Appeal: Pinterest offers a level of visual appeal that many other social networks do not. Since most of the website revolves around the use of images, you will be able to reach potential customers with attractive pictures;
  • Humanize Your Brand Pinterest: Lets you get creative and let your customers see who you really are. Thus users will have a better image and better reach of your company.

Source: Pinterest

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