How to Optimize Mobile Facebook Pages

If you’re interested in marketing on Facebook, you probably already know that you should invest in the mobile aspect. In fact, according to Facebook, 751 million monthly active mobile users, of which 189 million Which only connects on the mobile version!

Plus, according to eMarketer, Facebook should generate $1.5 million this year thanks to mobile ads!

This explains the efforts made by the firm of Mark Zuckerberg for everything related to mobility, such as Facebook Home for Android, the upcoming improvement of ads or the new design of mobile pages.

Since the end of April 2013, the mobile application has seen a complete change in the design of its pages. Simpler and more ergonomic for the user, provided they have optimized their Facebook page properly!

I recommend 5 steps to check:

1. Always keep the “Locked Up” position

Without the locked state, visitors to the page would have to scroll long before they could see your publications: description, location, number of likes, first-come photos… whereas with a locked state, you Let us highlight what is important since this will appear just below the description/address.

Note that “locking up” a post is a good practice in general for your Facebook Pages, whether it’s desktop or mobile.

Example, the personal sales page on one side with no lock status, and the My Social Media Pro page on the other with a locked status:

how to optimize facebook mobile page

2. Create a Suitable Cover

As you can see in the image above, the cover of my Social Media Pro page is cropped in the mobile version!

When designing your cover, keep in mind that:

  • Your profile photo will be shifted in height and take up more space;
  • Your Page name and category will appear in the middle.

For example, the webmarketing and .com page cover works great:


3. Optimize Your Images

Choose your images wisely, with the key elements in the center. In fact, they will be automatically cropped to a square of 403 × 403 pixels and unlike the desktop version, it is not possible to change the position of the photo.

Example, don’t do that, with this image that was cropped in the desktop version:


4. Fill your details

The text that appears at the top of the mobile page is “Description” and not “About” – make sure you complete this part correctly!

5. Stores, Shops and Contact Information

If you have a page for the store, you will need to make sure that your contact information is filled in correctly.

Your address will appear first on your Page, along with the ability for users to check-in or call your store.


mobile advertising

Now that you have a customized Facebook Page, why not try setting up mobile-only ads?

If you want to reach users on iOS, Android, or the web, it’s possible to select in the targeting of your ads by going into the Power Editor.

You can go even further by deciding to only target mobile devices connected via Wi-Fi, which is very practical if you’re promoting an app!



As you’ve seen, optimizing a Facebook page for mobile isn’t too complicated, and it will make it easier for you to attract new fans.

Have you ever worked on optimizing your Facebook page? Are you using mobile-only ads?

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