How to name your training for sale? (checklist)

Have you just created your training? You put your heart into it and you want to help your customers? But before launching…

… are you sure his name is correct?

Because the bitter truth is that the name of your training is more important than the content of your training.

worst ?

It is that many entrepreneurs ignore this step and give the name seen and reviewed.

And to understand how wrong it is…

We have to go back 40 years.

New York. 1982.

Actress Noura Hayden published a book on astrology.

A 285-page book on the signs of the zodiac, personality, character traits and astrological charts.

Title ? Astrological love.

Noura wants to start slowly…

So she prints 5,000 copies to start the promotion.

And it’s a good idea.

Because it is a complete failure.

Barely 2,000 sold, the book slowly falls into oblivion… condemned to ending up among obscure books that no one will ever read. But one day, while walking around the bookstore, a man finds this book.

He walks through it and realizes the material is unbelievable, but the title is pathetic.

We’ve all heard that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, right?

This is good.

but in reality…

Everyone judges a book by its cover., and this man is going to prove it forever. He contacts Noura and buys some rights.

And after 18 months?

The book is a New York Times #1 bestseller and has sold 2.3 million copies.

for the same material.

Same author.

Same chapter.

The same 285 pages of zodiac signs, personalities, character traits and astrological charts.

And as you guessed, the only difference is the cover. More precise title.

“How To Satisfy A Woman Every Time…and Keep Her Coming Back for More!”

This time, the book targets men.

But not only that.

It targets a specific market, which is the lure.

And these 11 words are addressed to the ideal customer, promising him his wildest desire.

This short true story lays out the very basis of marketing.

Your product is the vehicle that takes your customer from their current position to their dream state.

And this message should be present in the name of your formation.

That’s why the best selling book by Tim Ferriss is called 4 hour week.

Is this book revolutionary?

No. This is simply a book that talks about automating your online business like many others before and after it. But the title focuses on the deepest desire of the customer.

Now you must be wondering how to find a perfect name for your training?

Well, it’s very easy…

perfect formula

There is a simple formula to name your formation magnetic.

this formula? It was created by Alex Hormozy.

An American entrepreneur who earns $1.2 million a month in dividends.

You must realize.

This man earns more than:

  • Ford CEO
  • McDonald’s CEO
  • Motorola PDF
  • Yahoo. CEO of

… met again.

And this success? It is owed to the creation of unique proposals. In his book ‘100M Offers’, he gives a simple formula to attract your customers to your offer just by reading their name.

There it is:


M: Magnetic Reason Why

This step is only important for promotions, as you always have to justify the discount.

Example: Christmas Party, New Year, Birthday, Black Friday, etc.

A: Avatar (ideal customer)

Who is your ideal customer? You should be as specific as possible.

It could be his age, his ex, his profession, but also his location.

Examples: Single moms over 40, beginner infopreneurs, Parisian plumbers, dog owners, etc.

You don’t need to go that far. But you must have a clear picture of your ideal customer.

G: Goal (will, promise)

What is his deepest desire? What does he want to achieve? What is the main problem your proposal solves?

As we saw above, you must connect the deepest desire to your formation.

Example: Losing weight to please the opposite sex, doubling your benefits, no longer having back pain, being geographically free, etc.

I: Interval (time between buying an offer and receiving a wish)

This point is very powerful, but it is often overlooked. Therefore, take this opportunity to stand out from your competitors.

Indicate the time required to reach his goal, based on the results of your past customers (or your results).

Example: 2 hours a day, 5 months, 3 weeks, etc.

C: container*

Add the word ‘container’ to make your training unique.

*Examples of container words: challenge, plan, bootcamp, incubator, masterclass, program, detox, experiment, accelerator, shortcut, launch, system, workshop, solution, code, formula, challenges, formula, etc.

magnetic name

To finish ?

Use at least 3 of these components for your training name.

Thus an e-commerce training becomes: Profitable shop challenge in 30 days

Diet : 27 day detox for moms

Compatible with a dog teacher: Calm Dog Workshop in 3 Weeks

And a guide to copywriting: Formula for a Profitable Sales Page in 60 Minutes


You have everything you need to give your training the name it deserves – and sell it in heaps.

I hope you enjoy this article. If you have any question then ask me in comment.

I will be glad to help you.

Thank you for your time.

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