How to master smart products

connected objects We are a perfect solution in the critical period we are currently living in. The first sentence of this article may sound surprising to you at first. However, you will very quickly realize, especially after you have read the article in its entirety, that linked objects may be the answer to many of the troubles to which millions of French people, of which you are certainly part, have to suffer. Must do today. to face.

Do you need to telecommute like the rest of France? Do you have to stay at home all day without being disturbed by the people around you, what else is in a few square meters? Do you want to listen to music by boosting decibels without disturbing your family?

Connected objects will allow you to erase many of your existing problems, which a few weeks ago were completely unexpected.

but what exactly added value of linked goods , The purpose of this article is to help you find answers to all your questions about smart products Modern. To somehow abstract them, I’ve combined the following paragraphs with several examples: linked products Genuine products, which can greatly improve your daily life thanks to the quality and comfort that is fully optimized for reading this article.

Before presenting you the many advantages of connected objects today, I invite you to first learn Online Store of Connected Objects O Max Connexion, It is the only premium online store specializing in connected objects. The brand presents only smart, hand-selected products: very high quality items, selected, tested and approved according to strict criteria, guaranteeing what’s best on the market. Existing market for connected goods, Also at market prices.

Simply visit the O Max Connexion website, browse the main web pages, and view the many product pages that detail with great precision all the elements of the very high added value of connected objects in today’s world. You will immediately see that the added value of the connected products is obvious.

and you will find that Linked objects are a real asset As it begins to take shape in the new world.

Connected Object Smart Products

listen to music with connected objects

Do you want to isolate yourself by listening to music in your apartment, without being disturbed by ambient noise, and far enough away from equipment that dissipates sound so as not to cause discomfort or unwell those around you? be?

This is where all the classic wired products will prove their limits. and right here bluetooth headset Many of your concerns will be resolved. What’s more, the sound quality a headphones connected, like the premium brand Bose for example, has nothing to do with ordinary headphones. Add to this that more and more devices are marketed without plugs for any type of wired headset, making it necessary to purchase linked object kind of wireless earphones,

As an example, take a few minutes of your time to explore the Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Silver Bluetooth Headphones, and you’ll see just how extraordinary this product is.

Apart from the possibility of providing an incomparable and sublime musical experience, this type of Bluetooth headset Completely cancels out all outside noise, lets you make calls, connect and chat with Google Assistant, stream music and receive text messages, and get answers without consulting your phone – excellent sound For immersion – which is great.

Still in the field of music, connected objects such as Bluetooth speaker Can provide you 360° sound for a homogeneous and uniform acoustic radiation. Many people now have time to listen to music again as a family. and advantages of intelligent products in the field of music Doesn’t really have to be displayed anymore. In terms of sound alone, the sound quality has nothing to do with ordinary sound diffusers, it is breathtaking because the sound immersion is powerful, balanced, clear and high-end at the same time.

The Bose SoundLink Revolve+ Bluetooth speaker, for example, plays your favorite songs from your bluetooth device Favorites, just like your smartphone or tablet, wherever you are, with clear, full sound.

Some connected speakers support Siri or Google Voice Assistant with a single button. and this Smart Wireless Products are completely nomadic, you can even link them together. From connected speaker As in the article Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3 has features that are out of the ordinary, so the result is good.

connected object music

connected health

Do you want to follow the health of yourself or your loved ones in this historical health news?

Here, connected objects like smart watches health will allow you to analyze and process multiple health data, For example, the Withings Move ECG Blue Connected Watch is a health care Which will allow you to detect arrhythmias, record an electrocardiogram, or report any serious irregularities in the heartbeat, which are a major risk factor for stroke.

in the field of connected health, the added value of linked goods as they are linked watches There is only one example among many. These include, for example, connected objects such as wireless blood pressure monitor, The Connected Thermometer, The connected scales, Etcetera.

connected scales Now allow heart rate monitoring. a connected object forehead thermometer Provides fast, accurate and clean temperature measurement from the Nokia brand. The temperature is taken through a scan only from the center of the forehead to the temple. The temperature is instantly displayed on the screen and easy to read even in the dark. Now you don’t have to wake up people around you who have flu to take their temperature, you just give them Connected Thermometer Front. Temp measurement makes it possible to take temperature in just 2 seconds, thanks to a matrix of 16 infrared sensors that take over 4000 measurements. Revolutionary.

Let us add one last example in the field of connected health, a connected object wireless blood pressure monitor will allow you to do an EKG, detect atrial fibrillation (ie heart rhythm dysfunction), work as a stethoscope, detect heart valve disease (ie dysfunction of the heart or valves of the heart) and all of these will send health data to your general practitioner.

Thus, many smart health products Allows you not only to process a lot of health data, but also to send them to your doctor in an automated and above all instant way. related health Simply can save lives, as it will get all your health data very quickly.

related health

play games with connected objects

for your jogging activities in the area of linked game, The sports smartwatch would be a real asset.

For example, the Garmin Vivosport Activity bracelet, a true focus of technologies, features an integrated GPS that allows accurate tracking of course, time, distance and speed achieved.

You can take advantage of sports programs, activity tracking (number of steps, calories burned, distance covered) and sleep tracking preloaded in the bracelet. It also tracks your heart rate variability to calculate and display your stress level. This monitoring allows you to better respond to potential factors and regulate yourself in your efforts.

You can call, text, email, receive social media notifications and directly control your music Sports Connected Bracelet, This connected object records your activities as well as your weekly challenges.

linked watches

In the field of connected objects, many other examples of smart products This article could have been cited. only in the area of linked watchesSome products offer a variety of functions that will really make your daily life easier, such as:

  • access to an EKG app and several other downloadable apps;
  • An on-board MP3 player allows you to carry your favorite playlists on your wrist
  • contactless payment
  • a wise assistant who speaks
  • Connected functions such as telephony without a smartphone
  • access to news
  • walkie-talkie function
  • guide to a destination
  • Compass
  • Real time display of altitude as well as other data (direction, inclination, latitude, longitude)
  • activity trends
  • performance analysis over a period
  • Applications that measure ambient noise levels and issue alerts in case of hearing risk
  • relief used by apple watch, one of a kind
  • Etcetera.
linked watches

Home automation: equip your smart home with connected objects

List of all these additional value elements smart products leads to infinity. And all this with a sophisticated, cool, trendy, trendy and elegant design.

It is clear that connected objects present a real defining asset in the critical period we are living in. We could have mentioned many other types of connected objects as well.

in the field of automation (area of smart home), many people will now have more time to manage their daily home life, and many people have Smart Home Automation Products Which will be of invaluable help: connected radiator, robot vacuum cleaner, smart smoke detector, external battery, sleep sensor, connected surveillance cameras, smart bulb, and of course Google Home that we are no longer present.

in the field of automation, The smart products a. will allow you to ensure better security in your home, save energy and save your time as well as improve your comfort smart home equipped withconnected objects,

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