How to Marketing by E-mail the Right Way and Get Your First Customers: The 6-Step Plan

In this guide, I will walk you through the basics of doing email marketing the right way. Most people make the same mistakes and don’t apply the right strategies. Most common mistakes? 1/ Publicity, 2/ The fact of not personalizing your e-mail, 3/ Not knowing how to create a communication dialogue. This is why it’s important to get back to basics. And it starts now…

1- How to present yourself correctly

just to keep you in position, Here’s what people usually do when they first contact them via email!

“Hello, I’m Michelle, I know how to do this and I’m going to sell it to you because I’m one of the best in my field and it’s the best product in the world.”

So listen to me Michelle, we don’t care about your life (yeah yes believe me), If you want to market effectively by e-mail, you need to be concise.

But above all you have to stop flattering your ego.

If you have worked with this or that client, we do not care, if you have done X number of turnovers (at least during the first approach).

So here’s what you really need to do to get publicized to a prospect via email:

Write a short presentation so that the potential person reading you knows who you are and why you are sending them e-mails. This presentation should be at the very beginning of the email to clarify the situation. Thus, the reader will know who he is dealing with.

What you really need to do:

Hello, I am X and I contact you, because Y, will it be possible to exchange with Z within the framework of … (specific reason).

Want some advice? take your time.

The person you are talking to might not know you! This is why you have to go slowly in your approach to build a bond of trust with him.

It’s just like when you see a pretty girl you want to approach!

Take it easy… and you might be lucky enough to seduce him.

2- When should I send my e-mail?

This second piece of advice is essential.

Again, most people make the same mistake.

There he is:

They decide to contact a large number of people to provide them with a lot of service that your prospect never asked for.

Do you know what makes me think? To an Eiffel Tower salesman who accuses me of walking around Trocadero and trying to sell me all my stuff.

Let’s take Michael’s example again.

Michelle thinks her service is the best in the world and that everyone on earth should need it, when deep down, it really isn’t!

What you should remember from this paragraph: is that every product has a speed. Momentum is selling your product at the best time when it can be sold!

If you haven’t figured it out yet: To be able to market correctly you have to (right now) associate your product/service with a speed. concretely?

You have to go for a good reason.

“Hello, I’m Michelle, I’m contacting you as part of the event you’re hosting on XX/XX/XXXX. I told myself that a commercial animation site related to your event’s theme But can make it possible to capture the masses present and make your event grand and grand… »

It is up to you to determine the right time to send your e-mail.

3- How do I open my email?

What’s the point of having the best e-mail in the world if it stays at the bottom of your potential customers’ inboxes (or worse in spam).

In order to open your email, you need a good title that has good catchphrases to force you to open your emails.

Of course, your object must be related to the message you want to convey, otherwise it doesn’t make sense.

Here are 3 things you need to do to open all the emails your potential customers are receiving:

Your interlocutor should meet there:

  1. a personal interest: “for example, you will have more customers”;
  2. Novelty: A new way of doing things like this;
  3. One way to be able to work out: How to get such and such results by your solution in 1 sentence.

Titles are born all too oftenGligSo! (and poor studys)

However, your interlocutor pays special attention to this and chooses whether or not to open your e-mail between the dozens and dozens of requests you receive on a day-to-day basis, depending on whether… TITLE.

Find a good list of examples right here.

4- How to add value (and make your email unique)

This is probably one of the techniques that works best for grabbing the attention of your prospects by e-mail: Add maximum value! You can do this in different ways.

But just before that, here’s why you need to bring in good content over email: stand out from the crowd.

I noticed a lot of things in my freelance career, and I can tell you that every time I signed a contract, it was because I had a good outlook by e-mail.

Bringing good content to your email will help you stand out from your competitors.

It is extremely easy to do, and many people skip this moment!

How to bring value to your interlocutor by e-mail to surpass all your competitors: by presenting a problem that you have found in your prospect so that you can present yourself as the wondrous solution to the problem (not) Sell ​​everything now).

Example , “We have noticed that your website is not properly calibrated for efficient mobile access, this technical issue can cause you many losses (customers/businesses, etc.)…

Then introduce yourself as the solution –> You can improve your website by downloading this plug-in for free, we can help you install it for free to fix it…

Simply put, here’s what you can do:

  • give free advice for a specific project;
  • Submit free resources to get an idea of ​​the quality of your services.

There, you will say to me: “Well Sam, I give him a lot of free advice, but how can I make a living?????? “.

This is where the magic of reciprocity through a call to action comes in.

5- How to Write a Call to Action in E-mail: Concrete Examples!

The call to action is fantastic! It allows you to redirect your prospects to your area of ​​expertise.

You can redirect your prospect to a presentation file / a video / a press article …

Namely: you are free to redirect your service to anything and everythingBut you have to, especially if you want to sign your first client.

If I were to take an example in this bonus, it is:

Example : “We have noticed that your website is not properly calibrated for efficient mobile access, this technical issue can cause you many losses (customers/businesses, etc.)…

Then introduce yourself as the solution –> You can improve your website by downloading this plug-in for free, we can help you install it for free, or by changing the settings on your WordPress home…

OK, now take a good look!

Once you’ve presented yourself with a solution, once you’ve given them a whole bunch of advice on how to solve their problem, here’s how to make your call to action. How can you prepare

Example : If you would like us to help you locate other technical problems on your website… and provide you with other tips to improve its ergonomics, improve the design to facilitate the customer experience… We can take RDV to discuss this… You will find attached all the resources related to our services.

With all of these tips, your prospect will feel indebted to you.

The formula is simple:

You give, and then you take.

But if you take before you give anything, you will not be able to explain and develop this famous bond of trust.

6- Writing Tips for a Perfect Email

This last point is the most important!

This will allow you to have reassurance when you are going to promote by e-mail.

You’ll find a complete structure there as well as writing advice that will serve you well.

firstst thing?

I know, it sounds like common sense, but stop making big stones!

For your email to be read, it must be liquid!

Did you see how I wrote that bonus?

Prefer short sentences and limit excessive technical jargon (Unless you want to sell rocket reactors, of course…)

Your email should be understandable at first glance.

here’s a reJointA complete (but short) list of everything you need to know to improve email visibility:

  • Having 11 words for a title is a good synonym for visibility (and understandable sentences);
  • Be concise: 70% of emails should be one-letter words;
  • remove complex words and phrases;
  • propose only one idea per sentence;
  • Use visual words (allows you to give a more accurate idea of ​​what you’re really thinking) -> The fewer images you transmit, the less clear the message is to the interlocutor.

These tips are essential.

With these, you can be sure and certain that your email will not end up in the Trash as soon as you open it.

There you go, you now have access to the first (but very thorough) advice on how to publicize your prospects by e-mail. With these 6 tips, I got my first customers.

I invite you to print this guide and keep it with you when you write your first email.

Thank you for attention.

author’s presentation

my name is Sam. As an artist freelancer for over 3 years, today I share with you all my knowledge about the world of sales. I share with you my methods that allow me to live from my passion as well as personal anecdotes rich in experience and advice.

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