How to make your TV advertising campaign successful?

Despite the dazzling success of the Internet with young people, television is still the most watched medium by the French. According to a recent study, about 50% use it to update themselves on current events, while on average only 20% favor online information. So how do you successfully drive consumers to your website with effective TV ad spots?

Launching a campaign for web campaign means performing various offline marketing actions to encourage consumers to visit your website. The purpose of this technique is to make them do something, such as purchase a service or product, to increase your traffic.

To avoid confusion, other terms, such as drive to social and drive to call, are related to this technology. If the drive for a social is to increase the number of customers on its social network, then the drive to call generates a higher rate of calls by pushing the company’s numbers.

Without further ado, here are 8 tips for a successful drive-to-web TV ad campaign.

1. Specify website address

When creating your ad space, invite visitors to visit your website to purchase your featured services or products. Mention the URL, both verbally and in writing, to prompt them to take action.

You can also use the mouse cursor in the search bar to highlight the message. In this case, it is recommended to write the URL of the site completely to avoid confusion.

2. Lead the way to your website

Use a tablet or PC to position the consumer on your platform. To help him reach you more easily, show him the path he needs to follow step by step.

3. Display Site Navigation

Once visitors are informed of your website’s URL, show them what they can find there. Thanks to the performance of the navigation on your platform, your offer will be more concrete, lively and the Internet user will know how to use it.

4. Optimize SEO and Take Care of Your E-Reputation

To direct consumers to your website, consider optimizing your SEO and paying special attention to your e-reputation. Use appropriate keywords to find it easily.

Writing regular and recent blog posts also helps in improving your visibility in search engine results. The more visible your site, the more number of consumers it will attract.

Take care of your e-reputation by avoiding any negative messages that are likely to block the conversion of your prospects on the Internet. To do this, consider sharing quality content and engaging with your community using multiple interactions. Be frequent on social networks and adopt a unique and recognizable visual identity.

5. Respect the rules governing advertising on television

There are certain rules to be followed regarding content and form in the context of an advertising space. Long before approaching a channel, go through the Professional Advertising Regulatory Authority or ARPP to obtain authorization to air your ad. This private body controls the TV commercials and verifies your website or app. It is also responsible for making rules of ethics and monitoring their application.

In addition, the broadcast time of advertisements is subject to certain rules. Indeed, on a daily basis public channels are entitled to 6 minutes per hour, while private channels can go up to 9 minutes per hour. The regulatory and legal obligations of the CSA must also be respected.

Thus, in order to protect the consumer and the brand, the rules governing television advertising are more strict than those governing digital.

6. Create an Attractive and Short Ad Space

The purpose of your advertising space is to capture the attention of viewers in order to encourage them to purchase your services and/or products. Prefer shorter formats of 15 to 30 seconds to highlight essential services and/or products of your brand.

7. Give Audience Confidence

Build a relationship of trust by talking to the consumer and showing him that you have a solution for his problem. To allow her to find herself easily, find a visual harmony between what she saw on TV and what she saw on the website.

Find out as much as possible about your target to better personalize your message. Personal pronouns, such as “we” and “you,” are preferred to form close relationships. With action actions, you will encourage your target audience to request a quote, purchase your services or products, or take any other requested action.

8. Craft a Clear Message

Use imperative verbs to clearly indicate what you expect from your goal. Here, it is not a question of ordering, but of communicating permission, request, invitation, etc. Attracting your audience.

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