How to make your email responsive?

Did you know that more than half of emails are viewed on mobile? The format of messages sent to customers and subscribers must be suitable not only for computers, but also for tablets and smartphones. But how to do it ?

learn the basics

There are various steps involved in designing and sending responsive email:

  • Definition of a good email marketing strategy: conduct an audit if necessary, create a schedule and an editorial charter, define its objectives and its key performance indicators;
  • the design of a newsletter or emailing model or even a template during which you will set the wireframes in Adobe XD or Sketch;
  • Writing a quality article: with an appropriate editorial tone and contextual hook;
  • Graphic design and artistic direction in mobile and PC versions;
  • delivery testing and HTML integration;
  • Routing preparation, testing and installation;
  • Performance analysis, especially through statistical monitoring and tools like Google Analytics.

grab the reader’s attention

Anyone using a mobile screen can be easily distracted by the various elements around them. He can actually see his mobile device on the road, in transport, during his breaks or while taking his three meals of the day for example.

To optimize the user experience, the mobile version of your email must meet the following criteria:

  • Brief and relevant information : Your email should contain the required information. So, take the time to hide elements that are not needed on mobile or lighten your message before sending. Also, if it’s too long it can be truncated by Gmail;
  • easy to load images : Reduce the loading time of your message with light and optimized images. In content, the image/text ratio must also be controlled;
  • Call to action is easily available once you open the email on mobile, Apart from being well ventilated, it should be fit for the thumb to click easily.

Know your target phone type

Some HTML embedding techniques that work on one app or phone brand may not work on another app or phone brand. Also take into account the fact that each telephone model and each messaging application has a specific behavior when reading an email or newsletter.

Before creating your responsive email, find out the apps and phone models your target is most likely to use. Also determine the 5 most used mobile devices to focus on their rendering.

estimate mobile rendering

Since most phone models are equipped with applications capable of seamlessly shaping your email or newsletter, take a look at its rendering when designing the model. Plan each information and position of each element on the mobile.

Call your HTML integrator and your graphic designer to determine the different areas of your emailing that will best suit the screen of the reading medium. Your HTML integrator will determine the actions that can be taken with the targeted messaging in mind. As far as the graphic designer is concerned, he or she will optimize the readability and design of your email.

Responsive web design involves optimizing the readability of elements according to screen size and available space. Whether the user is using an e-reader, mobile phone, desktop computer monitor or tablet, they can enjoy an optimal browsing and reading experience. The same is true for newsletters and emailing.

In fact, if earlier this technology only applied to websites, it is no longer the case as emails are primarily consulted on mobile devices. Newsletters and emails are also optimized and displayed based on screen size and window size. Thus, an email that is difficult to read on the recipient’s screen is being dumped in the trash without giving the recipient time to consult its contents. On the other hand, when displayed correctly on a smartphone, its click rate can increase as compared to a non-optimized version.

want to know more ?

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