How to limit the reach of duplicate tweets and spam?

Duplicate content, spam… These two types of content have become an obsession of content managers and community managers on social networks, especially on Twitter. To limit the reach of duplicate tweets, Twitter has decided to raise a gear…

Twitter deploys copypasta

Do you see any Tweets that are strangely worded and/or express questionable opinions? Taking your research further, do you realize that this tweet has been shared multiple times, and is even spreading like a virus on the twitosphere?

These spam and duplicate content unfortunately comes more and more often. With the magnitude they are taking and the impact they are facing on other Tweets, Twitter has rolled out a new policy: “Copypasta and Duplicate Stuff”, Now it clarifies how the platform works and thus fights against this type of content.

According to Twitter, “‘copypasta’ (a reference to copy-and-paste functionality for duplicate content) is an Internet slang term used by many people to copy content from the original source and share it widely on social platforms. Refers to effort. Platform. »

This duplicate material is a technique that can artificially amplify the material. It can manipulate Twitter trends as well as top search results and may even remove certain information. Repetitive and polluting, this is in any case negative for the user experience on Twitter.

What does duplicate content look like on Twitter?

By duplicate content or spam, and now approved, Twitter means:

  • Duplicate or cut-and-paste tweets that may disrupt the experience of others. They may include the use of hashtags as well as mentions of users;
  • Almost identical content tweeted by an individual account or multiple accounts.

These behaviors will result in the termination of the visibility of Tweets under this policy.

Note that this will not happen if:

  • You retweet existing content with the Retweet function;
  • You explicitly cite copied material;
  • You tweet existing content with your own unique content, comment or feedback.

New, more specific rules regarding duplicate Tweets

Twitter’s policy against duplicate content has never been adequately informed so far. Already launched in 2020, However, it was not clear what constitutes a breach or what exactly happens when a breach occurs.

Faced with the extent of spam and duplicate content on the social network, they recently published a help page that answers many of the questions still unanswered.

duplicate content nowé (text, image, combination of content copied and pasted, or duplicated in any way on the Platform) May be hidden from other users or may not qualify for top search and trending results. Additionally, tweets may not only be downgraded in replies, but also may not be recommended in the feeds of users who do not follow the tweet’s author.

once combined, These measures will greatly reduce the visibility of these tweets. However, they will still appear in the timelines of the people who follow each individual account, as well as in topic-specific search results. In the event of a serious violation, Twitter may also delete or permanently suspend the account.

Anyone can report potential policy violations to Twitter. just choose “Report a Tweet” On the three-dot menu next to a tweet. From there, select the option that best describes how suspicious or spammy a tweet is.

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