How to Learn Copywriting: 5 Best Ways

If you have clicked on this article, then you already know copywriting. You know this is really important to your business as it can dramatically increase your sales without getting much traffic. Now you would like to know how to learn copywriting , let’s go !

You know it has to be learned, but you don’t know where to look, because there are so many different ways. Don’t worry, this is normal.

When you try something new, you have to search everything and know where the best advice is hidden
Well, that is what we will see in this article.

1/old books

Copywriting has been around for decades. And in the 1900s, a lot of books came out on the subject. These books are written by copywriting legends, Selling it in their time was more difficult, because there was no Internet, but they managed to do it anyway.

He tested everything to see what worked and what didn’t.

Today’s copywriting is based on copywriting of the “old”, because we look at the basics of sales. What applies today is the same as was implemented earlier.

Only the means of communication have changed (letters, advertisements in newspapers, TV commercials, etc.). So all the basics of selling are in these books.

Here are some examples:

  • Influence and Manipulation (Robert Cialdini);
  • Ogilvy (David Ogilvy) on advertising;
  • Breakthrough Advertising (Eugene M. Schwartz);
  • The Boron Letters (Gary Halbert) (Not really a book, but it’s a classic).

The only problem is that reading large amounts of textbooks can be difficult for you. And most of them are in English. But these books are a must to learn copywriting.

2/Blogging and Mailing

If you are reading this article, then you already know that you can learn copywriting through blogging. But I will tell you about it anyway that what is its importance to you in comparison to others.

Blogs are different from books, In books, we have a lot of knowledge gathered whereas in blogs, many articles are related to different topics.

For example, a book from the 1900s is 1 or 2 books at most (most of the time) because it contains everything it needs to teach.

On the other hand with a blog, you can create hundreds of articles if you want because you can focus on 1 specific topic. So if you want to look for a specific topic, you will definitely find an article that talks about this topic., Furthermore, articles are in written form, unlike video or podcasts, which is the basis of copywriting (the art of selling in writing).

You can see how each article is formed, what structure is used, what sales techniques are used. Reading articles engages you at the same time.

In addition to blog, Iemail is also, I put them in the same category as blogs because this is writing too. A person who has an email list from their community can send one email per day, per week, in fact (like me).

The goal is to simply send the email as if we were publishing an article.

3/ Analysis of sales pages

There, we don’t have the material to teach copywriting. We are about to learn for ourselves.

goal is simple,

Look for a successful sales page (whether it’s copywriting captions or someone/company that sold a product well) and analyze it.

Find out what technologies they use,

For example, on the sales page, if the sender offers a sample for free, ask “Why?” ,
The answer is that if someone gives you something, you’ll want to give something back, because you’re polite and want to thank that person. This is “mutual bias”.

If you do this with a complete sales page, you’ll really make progress, you’ll identify more and more easy-to-use techniques and therefore master them.

Here is an example of a sales page analysis in this article.

Bonus : You can do this with all the commercials around you, whether on the street, on your phone, on your television. There are ads to analyze all the time.

4/ Coaching and Training

The benefits of coaching and training are the same for all subjects, not just for learning copywriting.

As you know, other tips have differences. There, it’s paying (even though the books are paying, the prices are pretty low).

We can hesitate to train by paying or just stay free. Everyone does what suits them, but I will tell you the benefits of coaching and training.

These are the big shortcuts,

For example, if you buy training on “How to Write a Sales Page,” you’ll have everything you need to write a sales page. No need to search everywhere.

Basically, it saves you from wasting a lot of time. If you buy, you have everything directly at your disposal.

for coaching, it is often more expensive, but you are monitored. That person has already gone through the path you are taking and they show you directly what to do and what not to do.

Of course, taking training or coaching alone is not enough. You have to learn yourself.

5/ Take Action

All the other tips won’t really be helpful if you’re missing it : If you do not write sales lessons for practice, learning copywriting will be much less effective.

A very powerful example: If you want to learn to play the piano, you won’t get there by learning everything about it. It’s good to play the piano and learn at the same time.

Why ? because you directly apply the advice and you see directly how to do it,

There is a difference between “how to write a sales page” and “actually writing a sales page”.

Even if you have a lot of copywriting knowledge, your first sales copy will be difficult.

And that’s normal, I had a very mediocre sales text in the beginning, too.

So you have to rewrite, write and write again. In this way you will become really strong.

so my advice really increase your sales ,

  1. learn copywriting;
  2. Write (apply what you learn).

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