How to improve your clickthrough rates?

Creating an email campaign is a great idea! It is a way of delivering content to your customers or customers and maintaining communication with them. However, sending them an email or newsletter is not enough to take some action on their part. You may have noticed that the results of your campaigns are not as decisive as you might have hoped. This is why it’s essential to work through your email carefully before sending it! Without it, it would be difficult for you to open your emails to your recipients and then click on the links inside them. Would you like to know how to improve your open and click-through rates? Here are some tips for more efficient email…

Be impressive, outspoken and enthusiastic in your hooks

Your idiom (or the subject of your emailing) should be carefully considered. It’s that simple, you have to find the magic formula that will make your recipient want to open the message. To do this, choose a small topic. The smaller your hook, the more effective it will be. But that’s not the only reason: in fact, according to Webmail, items are more or less truncated (Laposte, for example, only displays 45, when Gmail and Yahoo display 77 characters). Then, be clear in your words: Your readers should understand what the content of the email or newsletter will be at a glance. One trick that works well: integrate emoji! These make text more visible, more engaging, and prompt you to stop.

Create a sense of urgency in the recipient

Do you have promotions to communicate? an incident ? a deadline? This information should appear in the subject line of your email. By inserting “important” items, you will create a sense of urgency in your recipient. Then he will have only one desire: to open the email you sent him. If possible, try to put this information at the beginning of the subject line so that most of your teaser can be cut off by a few webmails.

Ban restricted words from your item

Certain words in email subject lines should be avoided. Indeed, messaging providers closely monitor well-known “spam words” such as “free”, “instant”, “promotion” (…) and the list is long! If you still want to keep them, the risk is that your emails will go into spam emails from your recipients. It would be a shame to deprive yourself of part of your audience!

send your email on time

Timing is critical to the success of an email campaign. In addition, studies have been conducted on this topic. You will find a lot of numbers and analysis on the internet, although these statistics vary from place to place. Don’t hesitate to compare them and do some tests on your side. As part of a marketing automation campaign, along with sending emails regularly, it’s also essential to work out the time elapsed between each send or action on behalf of your customers or clients. The right dosage will allow you to achieve decisive results without exhausting your audience.

What are some tips for encouraging people to click through later?

Provide easy to read, self-explanatory content

Has your recipient opened your email? This is a great thing. But the work does not stop here. Your content should be able to grab his attention: Be clear in your words and present a text that is enjoyable to read. Say goodbye to spelling and syntax errors or large blocks of text at the risk of exhausting your readers. Then, simply move them toward the initial purpose of emailing them: attending an event, launching a new offer, etc. Don’t hesitate to take an interest in copywriting. Writing using this method will allow you to attract the attention of people who read you for longer periods of time.

Remember who you are and what you do

Between each communication, your audience may have forgotten who you are and what you do. It happens that people leave email addresses and do not know why we write them after several weeks or months. To do this, introduce yourself briefly at the beginning or end of your message. The person reading you should make a connection between who you are and the content you are sending them. If your prospects easily recognize you and trust you, it will be much easier to convert them into buyers.

Integrate one or more call-to-actions into email

Once you’ve received a coherent, clear, and direct text, you can insert a call-to-action (CTA) into your email. CTAs are fairly instructional (“Subscribe”, “Subscribe”, “Download”, etc.) but they are what will drive your goal to the desired result. It is therefore essential that these elements are clearly visible in the form of buttons or hypertext links to encourage clicks. In fact, the more people who click through to you, the higher your chances of conversion.

You now have everything to create great emails that will prompt action! But don’t forget: just because you failed the first campaign doesn’t mean you’ll fail the next. Just take the time to analyze, test, and you’ll definitely find the best combination to boost your open and click-through rates!

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