How to give visibility to a tweet?

Twitter revealed part of its algorithm to the general public! And that was enough to turn the web upside down this year. How to give visibility to your tweet?

What increases the visibility of tweets on Twitter?

Perhaps the best thing that happened to Twitter this year was the discovery of part of the recommendations algorithm for Twitter, the social network with 237 million daily users.

A tweet can reach a large audience mainly according to its content, but it also generates engagement.

How ?

These actions help boost the visibility of your Tweets:

  • Tweet Reply (Boost X1);
  • Retweet (boost x20 for response);
  • Like (boost x30);
  • integration of media, photos or videos into posts (Boost x2);
  • a trending or current topic;
  • The fact of subscribing to Twitter Blue (promote x4 with your followers; x2 for others).

Here are also other scenarios that could benefit your account:

  • When a user presses your Tweet and stays in the reply section for more than two minutes (boost x22 compared to a Like);
  • when a user visits your profile from your tweet (like boost x24);
  • when a user replies to your tweet (promote x54 compared to a simple like);
  • When you reply to a user who replies to your tweet (boost x150 compared to a Like).

What decreases the visibility of your tweets?

If the visibility of tweets can be increased significantly, it can also be restricted.

What actions are likely to have a negative impact on the reach of your Tweets and the credibility of your account?

  • choke off;
  • being silenced by other users;
  • when people unsubscribe;
  • integration of multiple hashtags into a single tweet;
  • When people report your account/Tweet for spam, sensitive or dangerous content;
  • making spelling mistakes;
  • Inclusion of links that are not part of the news media.

Twitter assesses the credibility of your account by giving you a rank. Some points may affect this ranking:

  • A good follower/follower ratio, as an account that follows a lot of people but has fewer followers will have a lower ranking;
  • participation in misinformation including the publication of fake news;
  • For example, Twitter red lists topics considered sensitive such as the Ukraine crisis;

Also, remember that Twitter groups your accounts with groups of similar profiles. Thus, tweeting about topics outside of this framework can lower your ranking.

What is Tweep credibility?

The revelation of Twitter’s source code also shed light on some aspects of the blue bird, which had remained in the shadows till then!

Have you ever heard of “Tweep Credibility” or “TweepCred”? This score, between 0 and 100, is used to rank users and apply different settings to their tweets. It was inspired by the famous Google PageRank algorithm that ranks web pages on the search engine.

To calculate your reputation score, Twitter takes into account several factors such as:

  • age;
  • number of customers;
  • use of the device.

And as if that weren’t enough, the platform also calculates the ratio between the number of subscribers you have and the number of accounts you follow!

Note that with Tweepcred above 65, no matter how many Tweets you post, the algorithm will still consider them. Below 65, on the other hand only 3 posts will be considered.

At the same time, a tweet’s relevancy gradually declines over time, up to 50% every six hours. A strong influence account is therefore not enough to remain in the recommendations. Post engaging, regular, and engaging content in the area corresponding to your account, the strategies clearly explained in this certified training in community management.

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