How to get traffic quickly with Pinterest?

If you want to drive traffic to your website then this article is for you! Let’s see how Pinterest can help you…

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest, like Google, is a search engine. The only difference is that, compared to Google, Pinterest is a visual search engine. As a result, it is only made up of images related to the research you are doing. That’s why the emphasis is on the quality of your visuals, which the site calls a pin.

To get traffic with Pinterest, you need to post on the engine. To do this, you will need to create a Pinterest Business account. Don’t panic when you see the word Business, because it’s completely free. You will then have access to your “Business Hub” which will allow you to publish your PINs on the platform. With regard to the publication of your Pins, you can publish them directly or schedule them for a specific date and time. You have to aim for pin clicks. This is the statistics of people who will click on your PIN and who will be redirected to your link associated with this PIN. Because, unlike other networks, Pinterest allows you to put a separate link for each pin. This is a link to which your visitors will be redirected when they click on your PIN.

Which pin to publish and how often?

On Pinterest, don’t neglect the quality and format of your pins or else you risk not getting traffic. So what type of image format and size should I use for Pinterest? Here is a list of customizations for your PIN:

  • an image format in 1000 x 1500 pixels;
  • color and not black and white (unless this is the main criterion of your niche);
  • a title with keywords to make it easier to find your pin;
  • A part written on your PIN (usually this is the title).

Keywords are part of the look on Pinterest. You have to choose your keywords well to make yourself visible on the platform. A good selection of keywords will allow you to be well highlighted in searches. In terms of frequency, you should know that Pinterest highlights new content. That’s why you should publish pins regularly to optimize your Pinterest marketing campaign and get highlighted. The best posting frequency is around 3 to 10 posts per day on the platform.

How long do I have results?

Know that your results will vary based on several parameters: your niche and its competition, your time investment on the platform at publication level, and keywords. Note that it is possible to reach an average of 10 visits per day to your website in 2 months with a publishing frequency of 7 Pins per day. Plus, it’s quality traffic, because those who click your pin are interested in what you produce.

in short

To get traffic with Pinterest, you need to create a free business account on the platform. Then you will need to publish pins on the site regularly so that there is always more content to be offered and highlighted. You need to optimize the keywords of your Pins to make them more visible in searches. The correct publishing frequency to be highlighted is between 3 and 10 pins per day. By following these tips, you will be able to see the result from the first month itself with these tips. But the more you do, the more traffic you can get with Pinterest.

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