How to get rid of it for good?

near you afraid to sell And what’s worse when it comes to offering or talking about your products or services? When you have to discuss your proposals directly, everything is complicated And you start worrying. yet you know, If you want to run your activity, whatever it may be, Sales is a necessary step. you see others doing it so easily that It bothers you even more that you can’t do it. come on, it’s normal And know that everyone knows this. I’m going to give you the story of Pierre, a merchant friend and a sales scare, to illustrate this and to give you an ultimately simple solution to all this…

That’s when traditional commerce inspires web marketers.

afraid to sell honey

1 – honey and bees

Pierre insisted on expressing his stance in the markets every time.

The fear of selling scared him.

Passionate about honey and bee products, he had spent a lot of time finding the best products.

All kinds of honey was selected from the best hives, they were sure, the quality of their products would make them like hot cakes.

I knew Pierre through a mutual friend who also does the market which introduced me to this man” Too ashamed to be here”,

I saw Pierre suffer Behind his yellow table.

With each “possibility” that passed and stopped, our man hardened, didn’t say anything, didn’t look at his potential buyer, looked away and tried to manage his stress: We were sad to see this.

Pierre was there and barely sold anything, was mopping and knew that if he didn’t change anything, his dream will turn into a nightmare.

I was going to help him out with some advice. So, follow me, because this problem happens with infopreneurs too!

Afraid to sell your sweets
i’m afraid to sell

2 – impostor syndrome or fear of autodidact

That’s when you learn on your own and want to give something.

We spent hours, weeks, months working, learning and eventually building expertise.

Whatever the field, hard work becomes good.

But in the end learning alone without a diploma, without official recognition, knowing without the recognition of another does not allow to really establish itself.

That’s where this autodidact syndrome comes in.


According to statistics, more than 70% of people will suffer of impostor syndrome during his lifetime.

This form of ill-doubt can affect personal life, but also professional life.

So let’s be assured, even pro sales, tireless traders still suffer.

3 – Fear of Selling: Short Video That Looks Good

For those who love this format, here’s how to get rid of it in 8 minutes.

When I found out how to help Peter, the first thing I did was buy him a jar of royal jelly and beeswax.

like this i “buyer made” by talking to him.

He didn’t know me yet so I went to his booth.

, Hello, I need a solution, I’m tired and told that royal jelly is recommended? It is true ? ,

“Yes absolutely, royal jelly is highly recommended for this. In fact, it stimulates the immune system and, if treated, will allow to fight against exhaustion and winter depression…”

He lacked knowledge and logic and could tell me about every molecule in the honeycomb.

change the pattern

Here is 1 tip.

When we stop believing that selling is a compulsion, we take the first step.

Selling is never forced! Point,

Here, Pierre, giving advice, lost all his shame and his fear of making room for the connoisseur he really was.

Here’s the trick to get rid of the fear of selling : Don’t sell!!

A good salesperson is one who offers a solution to a problem.


And this posture, this change of attitude, this whole turn change deal : Pierre knew how to find all the solutions thanks to his beehive products.

Fear of being sold: not of speaking but of keeping in hand

As we got to know each other better, Pierre realized that changing his point of view did him well and gave him some confidence. But how to approach for customer first?

My simple answer: Keep it in your hand!

This is the best-selling technology that Apple uses in its Apple Stores, which are the most profitable stores in the world.

Result: Pierre quadrupled his sales in 1 week with 1 action and 1 change of attitude.

Afraid to sell varnish

Fear of Selling, Cheater’s Syndrome or Autodidact also certainly exists on the web.

OK Cedric, you’re good, but how do you get products to taste on the internet?

How do you advise and change the paradigm as prospects know full well that we are there to sell?

That’s the trick I repeat: don’t sell! “Give” the solution.

So you have to create a well built personality, that you have to understand your market. This is what all blog posts and other advice are for – solving problems.

Give Sausage a Taste on the Internet

This is the equivalent of offering a lead magnet, a useful bonus that allows you to collect an email and show authority, knowledge… always helps (see Lead Magnet).

Offering a part of your first module for free may be enough for an online trainer to put a finger in gear to test.

Anyone who sells physical products will be able to:

  • Post usage videos;
  • Show customer reviews who have already tasted the product;
  • Offer live testing;
  • send samples;
  • Etcetera.

In physical commerce, we call it: “taste sausage” and that’s the best way to sell it!

So go ahead, be a good consultant and you will be a great salesperson.

For the rest, you will remember some of the selling techniques discussed in this up-sell article, which has garnered over 4,500 readers (up-sells).

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