How to get an e-mail list on your website fast?

Do you want to sell your product, build an audience, launch a product or a training course and you need to know how to build your email list quickly, reach as many people as possible who are interested in your offering keep? Then this article is made for you only. It will help you to understand the usefulness of email list, how to get qualified prospects and how to do it…

1 | What is the role of email list in marketing?

The role of an email list in your marketing strategy is to keep a database of email addresses of prospects who voluntarily enter their address. So they have a certain interest in your product. Email lists allow you a quality audience with only prospects who may be in the optics to purchase your product more easily.

Setting up an email list is simple in itself. To quickly get to an email list, you’ll need to create a form that asks your site visitors to enter their email address. In general, this is set up on your site as a newsletter or as a member account. You can also create an email list using the capture page. These are used to promote a product. They then ask for their email address from visitors in exchange for free content or product promotions. In all cases, these methods make it possible to retrieve emails only from interested visitors. Why ? Because they have the option of giving their address or not. If he gives it, it is because they are interested in what you are offering.

There are no secrets, if you want to receive emails quickly, you have to multiply the media to get email addresses. Having two is a great way to start seeing results. The speed of email retrieval will also depend on the number of monthly visits to your site. Unfortunately if your site doesn’t generate enough traffic (minimum 15 visits per day), it’s very hard to get a large email list quickly.

Another trick to getting email addresses quickly is to get attractive offers. In the case of newsletters, the latter must provide a valid reason for subscribing. This could be exclusive access to free content every month or a discount voucher for the first order. In the case of a capture page, this could be free access to initial training or a reduction in the total purchase price of a training or product. These are the factors that make visitors want to register.

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To keep your prospects active, you need to send them regular emails that may be of interest to them. When creating a new product, you can send them an email daily for a week. When posting articles to your blog, send them an email. When you promote, send them two emails a week to keep them up to date. This way you will be able to retain your prospects for as long as possible.

in short

In short, to get an email list going quickly, you need to build a system to collect email addresses, such as a newsletter or a capture page. These should be attractive and make visitors curious so that they want to know more by giving email addresses. This ranges from showcasing a new product to delivering webinars and launching free training materials. Next, you need to keep prospects active by sending emails promoting or highlighting new products. Keep in mind that to be able to have an email list, your site needs to generate minimal traffic to be effective (around 15 visits per day).

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